Fresh Brews and True Tranquility: The Unique Teavana Experience in Scottsdale

This Kierland Commons Teahouse Is a Delicious Treat for Thunderbird Suites Guests

Kierland Commons Teavana Store is precisely what its name suggests: a nirvana for tea lovers. Now, Scottsdale is just one of many cities with a Teavana store. This company, which Starbucks purchased in December 2012, operates more than 330 teahouses throughout North America.

Exterior of Teavana store in Scottsdale at Kierland Commons - © 2014 all rights reserved

Teavana launched in 1997; a married couple used all of their savings to open an upscale teahouse in Atlanta. From the start, this company has dedicated itself to offering a wide array of fine teas. Herbal, green, white, scented, and flavored teas are among the choices, and Teavana has originated many scrumptious blends.

Pot of tea ready to be serve to costumers © 2014 all rights reserved

In addition to cups of tea, you can purchase a variety of Teavana products to brew your own beverages at home. Kettles, ornamental pots, electric tea machines, water dispensers, honey, and instructional books are just some of the products for sale. And many of these items are imported from such far-flung locales as Germany and Japan.

Complimentary tea testing at Teavana outdoor kiosks © 2014 all rights reserved

What truly distinguishes Teavana, however, is its atmosphere. First, the people who work there are especially helpful and upbeat. They tend to be young, and they’re devoted to their jobs and will do their utmost to satisfy every customer. If you’re not sure what kind of tea you’d like to buy, each of these employees will be happy to discuss your preferences so as to narrow down your options. On top of that, soft and soothing music — much of which derives from Asia — plays throughout the teahouse. Moreover, plentiful free samples are usually available.

Ornamental tea pots in the store © 2014 all rights reserved

Above all, Teavana is committed to premium, fresh, irresistible tea. The beverages that it sells come in a variety of tastes and textures, but you can count on each of them to be rich, aromatic, and even beneficial to your health. Indeed, the company’s managers carefully researched scores of tea types and ingredients before deciding on which kinds to carry. And many of those brews were fine-tuned for up to a year in order to bring out their best qualities.

Presentation of mix teas by Teavana vendor

Note that all of these teas are loose leaf; no teabags are involved. That’s because Teavana’s founders strongly believe that loose leaf tea has a superior taste. Plus, it’s surprisingly simple to prepare this kind of drink.

Kierland Commons Teavana Store is situated just a mile away from the Best Western Plus Scottsdale Thunderbird Suites Hotel. Many of our guests who have visited it have raved about it. We’ve even heard enthusiastic reviews of Teavana from people who rarely or never drink tea.

Finally, here is the street address of this Teavana location:
15034 North Scottsdale Road #100
Scottsdale, Arizona 85254

*We want to give Brooke a “Big Thank You” for posing for us at the store.

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