We Invite you to Visit Frank Lloyd Wright’s Taliesin West in Scottsdale

Taliesin West is “Pure Abstraction Wherever You Look”

Frank Lloyd Wright was called “the greatest American architect of all time” by the American Institute of Architects. His organic architecture brought harmony to nature and humanity with his Prairie School architecture movement. Wright’s fantastic creations, like Taliesin West, continue to amaze and delight with their playful, timeless designs.
Things to do at Taliesin West this summer
Wright’s original Taliesen building was in Spring Green, Wisconsin, but he traveled to Arizona every winter. When he saw the gorgeous Sonoran Desert in the shadows of the McDowell Mountains of northeast Scottsdale, he was floored. He said that he had to build there because it was pure abstraction wherever he looked. He followed through on his dream and began working on Taliesin West in 1937. He intended it to be his personal winter retreat, studio and architectural campus. He spent 22 winters there until his death in 1959. Now, it’s the main campus of the Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture and home to the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation. The Best Western Plus Scottsdale Thunderbird Suites is a mere five minutes away from this extraordinary masterpiece.
Things to do at Taliesin West Scottsdale 2014
Like all his other creations, Taliesin West integrates indoor and outdoor spaces. Wright had an affinity for the desert, and he wanted to demonstrate that connection. He said that Arizona needed its own architecture with long, low, sweeping lines and uplifting planes. The surface textures sought realism and abstraction in line and color from rattlesnakes, chameleons, Gila monsters and the saguaro cactus. He used sunburned local desert rocks that were piled within wooden forms and filled with concrete for the walls. He illuminated Taliesin West with sunlight that peeped beneath the overhanging roof but didn’t beat down upon the interior. He never stopped improving on his creation.
Saguaro cactus at Taliesin West in  Scottsdale

Taliesin West is a Hop, Skip and a Jump Away from Best Western Plus Scottsdale Thunderbird Suites

We have regular shuttle buses to take you to this American treasure, but you have to buy tickets to see Wright’s magnificent creation because it is so popular. Most tours sell out quickly. Taliesin West has guided tours from one to three hours long during the days and during the evenings in the summer. You can see the interior and exterior of the Garden Room, the Main Studio, the Sunken Garden and Wright’s office. Specialized tours of this National Historic Landmark include the following.
• Private personal tours with an architect or personal guide
• Special group tours for 15 or more people
• A 90-minute Insights tour that leaves hourly in summer and every half hour in winter
• A one-hour Panorama tour that features the Cabaret Theater, the Music Pavilion, Wright’s office and the terraces, walkways and gardens
• A two-hour Night Lights tour with a fire-breathing dragon
• A three-hour Behind-the-Scenes tour for serious architectural devotees
• A Desert Walk and Desert Insights tour that showcases the surrounding views
Of course, you’ll want to bring your camera for this once-in-a-lifetime experience. You can rent umbrellas to ward off the sun. There’s a shop where you can buy books and videos about Frank Lloyd Wright, tee-shirts, office stationery, snacks, water and ice cream to stave off the heat. You can also picnic, relax and enjoy the rare beauty of this extraordinary architectural masterpiece.
Map Directions to Taliesin West from the Thunderbird Suites

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  1. I have enjoyed your informative blog, with great photos, and look forward to visiting Taliesin and other places. I’m glad you enjoyed my post, “Becoming Spring.” I hope you have a wonderful Spring!

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