The Rawhide Western Town and Steakhouse Attracts Visitors From Around The World To Arizona

Located in Chandler, AZ, the Rawhide Western Town and Steakhouse provides a wide range of attractions, such as the Six Gun Theater, a zoo in which children can pet animals that participate in shows, a 30-foot rock climbing wall and a mechanical bull.

Rawhide Western Town Outside Entrance

The Stunt Shows

The live shows exhibit the traditional characteristics of the western section of the United States during the 19th century. Guests can enjoy battles between different groups of outlaws and watch cowboys as they ride horses through a makeshift desert. The titles of the most famous shows include the Legend of Martin Isaacs, the Legend of Doc Holiday and the Rawhide Bank Robbery.

The Stagecoaches

Visitors will be able to ride in an exact replica of the stagecoaches that were used during the 19th century. The carriage will be pulled by at least two mules, and the guests will traverse the same trails in the Sonoran Desert that early settlers used.

Rawhide Western Town - Front of the General Store

Searching For Gold

In the nearby deserts of Arizona, the Rawhide Western Town and Steakhouse allows patrons to look for fake gold. Currently, there is a rumor in town that indicates that a large, gold nugget has yet to be located in the sand, and the visitor who finds it could receive a free meal or a free ticket to one of the shows.

Rock Climbing And The Mechanical Bull

Located outdoors, the rock climbing wall provides three levels of difficulty, and the mechanical bull allows guests to experience the sensation of being in a rodeo. Children with a height of at least 48 inches are welcome to participate in these activities.

Rawhide Western Town - Donkeys Tour for Children

Rawhide Mercantile

This store sells handmade jewelry, clothes of all types that exemplify the styles of settlers in the 19th century, traditional boots and decorations for homes of all sizes.

The Casino

The Wild Horse Pass Hotel and Casino provides poker games, slot games, numerous contests every night and a bar that is conveniently located next to a sizable pool. Visitors can go to shows and concerts at Festival Park, which is an outdoor location with an area of 5.6-acres, or guests can opt to visit the large theater that has 1,400 seats.

Rawhide Western Town - Candy Store

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