The Hottest Way to Cool Off near Scottsdale

Amazing Attractions at Tempe Town Lake

Scottsdale is one of the hottest destinations. With historical attractions, premier shopping venues and ample fine dining, Scottsdale has something for every type of traveler. However, every now and then it is good to cool down. For the coolest attractions in Scottsdale, be sure to visit Tempe.

Tempe Town Lake-Robertbody

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Tempe is located just to the south of Scottsdale with over 160,000 residents of its own. Since Arizona has a naturally arid climate, water sources are somewhat limited. This is why Tempe put so much thought and effort into building up access to the Salt River. After years of planning, the city created Tempe Town Lake, which was designed to create a reservoir and concurrent land attractions. The end result is one of the most popular destinations in the entire Scottsdale area.

The Beach

Tempe Beach Park has been a part of the city since 1931. However, when the Town Lake project was underway in the late 1990s, Tempe Beach Park received a dramatic overhaul to make it better suited for modern visitors. Now the park is a natural gathering point, offering great access to the water and many other recreational pastimes.

To best serve the community, Tempe Beach Park is connected to various trails throughout the city. This means that the park is a great centralized destination for all types of recreation. This includes biking, walking, running and inline skating. 

Tempe Beach Park is also adjacent to the marina, which is a starting point for a full range of activities on the lake. This is the home of the Arizona State University Sailing Club and the Arizona Yacht Club. There are also a number of private boats in the marina, and various rowing clubs utilize the marina for their events and practices. Visitors are able to rent water equipment such as kayaks or paddleboards in the summer.

There is also a great splash pad for kids in Tempe Beach Park. The acre-wide attraction is both fun and educational, relying on the most advanced technology to keep the water fresh and sanitary. Tempe Beach Park also has a historic baseball park, which not only hosts sporting events but carnival attractions as well throughout the year.

Another popular attraction in Tempe Beach Park is the amphitheater. This outdoor arena can seat up to 5,000. Because of this, it attracts numerous bands and performers over the course of the year. The arena even hosts trade shows and other similar events.
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Since Tempe Town Lake is such a great venue, it is a natural gathering spot. This is why there are so many events planned in the area, capitalizing on the warm weather and cool water. Events take place throughout the year, reflecting a wide range of interests.

One of the most popular events is the massive Fourth of July festival. During this yearly celebration, there is an all-day extravaganza with a main stage featuring continuous entertainment. The splash pad is also open, giving people of all ages the opportunity to cool off in the summer heat. As an added attraction for families, there is a Family Fun Fest, which has a magnificent inflatable village, rock climbing walls and other rides. The event is finished with a flourish thanks to the Annual Fireworks Spectacular, put on by the local Kiwanis Club. This impressive display is fully choreographed for an unforgettable experience.

Bridge Tempe Town Lake Fourth of July fire works

Photo Credit: Derek Cashman

Another popular event is Oktoberfest. Although there are Oktoberfests all throughout the world, the one in Tempe Town Lake has a very particular appeal. Started in 1973, the Tempe festival has grown and evolved throughout the years. Now it is the largest event put on entirely by volunteers in all of Arizona. Organized by the Tempe Sister City Corporation, the event takes place in October and features a wide range of attractions. There are concerts all throughout the weekend, and there are plenty of activities for kids. With Dachshund races, a beer garden and more, Oktoberfest is a must-visit for everyone.

For a bit of action on the water, consider visiting the Annual Arizona Dragon Boat Festival. This unique event features an ancient pastime. Dragon boats are powered by human rowers, which is why they have been used for centuries in most parts of the world. Despite the convenience of motors, dragon boats are still an effective and distinctive means of travel. The Arizona Dragon Boat Festival is one of the largest events of its kind, welcoming thousands of people to celebrate these impressive vessels. Although boaters from around the world come to compete, anyone can visit Tempe Town Lake in the summer to watch the event unfold.

Other events include the Circle K Tempe Music Festival, the APS Fantasy of Lights, the Tempe International Triathlon, the New Year’s Eve Block Party and more.

Shopping and Dining

Tempe Town Lake is also an attractive commercial venue. Although there is shopping and dining throughout the area, the Mill Avenue District is especially popular. The Mill Avenue District came together in 1993 in order to better unite businesses throughout the area, which resulted in superior customer service. Now there are countless stores, including high end boutiques and other niche venues. The restaurant selection ensures there is something for every taste preference, and there are popular events hosted throughout the year.

With so much to see and do, it can be daunting to get around. One of the most fun ways to explore Tempe Town Lake is with a Segway tour. Segways are distinctive electric scooters, which are fun to use and safe for the environment. Guests can enjoy a guided tour of Tempe Town Lake thanks to Segway of Scottsdale. This unexpected experience provides in depth information about the attractions and their history, highlighting features such as Hayden Butte, Sun Devil Stadium, Tempe Center of the Arts and more.



Overall, Tempe Town Lake is a cool option this summer. Be sure to stop by and see why for yourself.

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