Scottsdale Cultural Events: Arizona Indian Festival 2015

Arizona Indian Festival 2015 Learn about this enjoyable free celebration that combines native music, food, art, jewelry and other traditions.

As the Super Bowl occurs in nearby Phoenix, several exciting art and music events will attract visitors to Scottsdale. One of them is the three-day Arizona Indian Festival. This Native American cultural celebration begins on January 29 at the beautiful Scottsdale Civic Center Park. It brings together traditional crafts, architecture, dances, stories and food.

The festival will take place inside a replica of a Native American village. Attendees can enjoy many different activities without paying admission. You may watch traditional dances, listen to American Indian legends and talk to native elders. The event’s organizers plan to serve genuine indigenous meals and snacks as well.

First Nation People Dancing

This festival will also feature an artisan marketplace. Shoppers can purchase authentic art, jewelry and pottery, according to the Arizona American Indian Tourism Association. The artists sell goods directly to the public, so you won’t have to pay retailers or other middlemen. This market provides great opportunities to buy hard-to-find products with attractive designs and exceptional workmanship.

authentic Navajo potteryThe village replica is another popular attraction. It gives attendees the chance to see and tour old-fashioned native homes, according to the Scottsdale Convention & Visitors Bureau. They’re similar to the buildings that American Indians constructed hundreds of years ago. As you explore the village, you’ll hear performers sing modern and traditional native songs.

More information here about: Arizona Indian Festival at Scottsdale Civic Center Park

We encourage you not to miss this enjoyable and enlightening festival. Great events and pleasant weather make late January an excellent time to visit Scottsdale. When you need a place to stay the night, consider the Scottsdale Thunderbird Suites Hotel. Our amenities include a heated swimming pool, complimentary wireless Internet access, free breakfast and luxurious mattresses.



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