Things to Do: Scottsdale Arabian Horse Show February 12-22, 2015

Spend a day or maybe several days this February seeing some of the most beautiful animals on the planet. The 60th annual Scottsdale Arabian Horse Show will be held from February 12 through February 22, 2015 at WestWorld. Located at 1600 North Pima Road in Scottsdale, WestWorld is a world-class equestrian facility that hosts equestrian shows and a number of other big events throughout the year.

WestWorld 2015 Free HorseThe Scottsdale Arabian Horse Show is celebrating its 60th anniversary in 2015. From its humble beginning back in 1955, when there were 50 horses, the 2015 show is expected to attract more than 2,400 horses. Owners, breeders, and trainers from around the world will be on-hand to compete for their share of the more than one million dollars in prize money. Many of the Arabian horses you will see are multiple award winners and can be worth well over $100,000.

About the Arabian Horse

As one of the oldest and most popular breeds of horse, the Arabian is regal in appearance. Perfectly proportioned, the purebred Arabian horse has a short and straight back, deep chest and powerful legs. The head is distinctive with its sharply defined features and the horse has a high tail carriage. One up-close look at an Arabian horse will tell you how the Arabian stands apart from other horse breeds.

Scottsdale Arabian Horse Show February 2015Blessed with both endurance and speed, the Arabian can cover great distances and also be competitive in races with both quarter horses and thoroughbreds. Intelligent, gentle, and good-natured, the Arabian horse is comfortable around people. It is well-suited for children just learning to ride and for experienced horsemen who have been riding their entire lives.

Viewing the Show

Visitors can see competitions in numerous categories in any of the eleven arenas that are spread around the WestWorld campus. Root for your favorite horse to take first prize. You’re welcome inside the barns where you can get close to the stalls and maybe even pet a friendly horse.

In addition to the hundreds of competitive events for prize money, each day will feature a number of educational round pen demonstrations. Experts in the world of horses will demonstrate the versatility of the Arabian horse, showing spectators its flowing gait, ability to stop on a dime, and just how well it works with people.

Go Shopping

Cowboys and Cowgirls will feel like they are in horse-heaven when they see the hundreds of vendor booths devoted to the world of the horse. You’ll be able to see and buy saddles and boots and jewelry and art. Take home some beautifully designed t-shirts commemorating the 2015 Scottsdale Arabian Horse Show and buy some gifts for your friends.


Stroll through the food court and choose the kind of food you like best. Most of Scottsdale’s best restaurants will be represented and there will also be a number of booths manned by independent food vendors.

The Photo Contest

Enter your best photos in the Photo Contest sponsored by the Amateur Committee of the Arabian Horse Association. Prizes will be awarded in two categories. Prior to the photos being displayed, a panel of judges will choose the top submissions. After the photos are displayed, people viewing the photos will vote for their favorites and the photos getting the most votes will receive the People’s Choice award. Categories for submission include That’s My Baby,Clowning AroundBeautiful Arabian, and Horse and Buddy.


General Admission: $10.00
Seniors & Military: $7.00
Children 12 & Under: Free

WestWorld, the venue for the Scottsdale Arabian Horse Show is only a hop, skip and a jump from the Scottsdale Thunderbird Suites. You don’t have to own or ride horses to have a great time. The entire family will love seeing the horses!

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