Roka Akor: Excellent Place to eat Sushi in Scottsdale


Roka Akor Fine Restaurant in ScottsdaleAre you a sushi and sashimi fanatic? Do you dream about those tasty little morsels of fresh, raw fish and vegetables? If you cannot get enough of these Japanese staples, head to Scottsdale’s Roka Akor. In both décor and cuisine, this upscale restaurant is the perfect combination of contemporary and traditional. The innovative approach behind each menu item sets Roka Akor apart from similar restaurants.

Sushi Chef Preaparing Food at RokaDelectable Creations

When it comes to elevating conventional sashimi and sushi dishes, no one can come close to the culinary wizards at Roka Akor. They use a special grilling technique called robatayaki, which essentially sears in flavors and preserves moisture. This style of cooking allows chefs to create visually impressive masterpieces with explosive flavors that practically melt in the mouth.

Plate of TanpuraIn addition to traditional items such as the classic California roll and tuna belly sashimi, you’ll find many unique dishes on the extensive menu. From the spicy hamachi serrano chili roll to the sea urchin nigiri, there is a wide assortment of flavors. You can even choose the chef’s sashimi selection, which features several different flavor and texture options for you to sample.

Assortiment Sushi

Appetizing Alternatives

If you’re in the mood for something other than sushi, there are quite a few mouth-watering selections, including seasonal items. Scallops and yuzu shiso with wasabi, Korean-spiced lamb cutlets and prime beef tataki with truffle jus are among the more scrumptious highlights. The restaurant’s signature Japanese-based sauces and marinades boost the yum factor.

Assortiment SeafoodOne of the best features of this elegant restaurant is the bar. Rich wood tones and indirect light give this semi-secluded nook a sense of sophistication. While enjoying the ambiance, you can sample some of the most gratifying sakes and adult beverages available. Happy hour is typically 4-6 p.m., but all-night happy hours occur occasionally. To keep up with the all-nighter schedule and the latest culinary news, follow Roka Akor on Twitter at

The BarThis high-class restaurant has a beautifully simplistic atmosphere, friendly staff and unforgettable cuisine. It’s also centrally located and easy to get to. For those staying at Thunderbird Suites, it’s just 12 minutes away by car, but you can also request shuttle service to and from the restaurant. Whether you want to nibble on sushi and rice, devour a plate of pork ribs or share some cocktails with friends, you won’t be disappointed with Roka Akor.

Inside Deco

Menu on the restaurant Table

@DiyaMarketing organized the social media day event – Photo credit Ashley Oakes Scott from Phoenix, AZ. @AshleyOakes –

Ankimo Duo king Crab & Caviar

Delicious food turned into works of art – Ankimo Duo king Crab & Caviar – Photo credit Christina Barrueta form Phoenix, AZ. @Rubee100

martini on the rocks

Photo credit Bo Hong from Scottsdale ‏@BoBites –

Oysters with Salmon Roe

Oysters with Salmon Roe – Photo credit Joanie Simon at Restaurant Live Arizona
– Twitter @RestaurantLAZ

Photo credit Jennifer Applbaum ‏@jennapplbaum

Photo credit Jennifer Applbaum from Dallas, Texas.  ‏

Lamb Chop and Sushi on the same plate

Photo Credit Henry Liska ‏@meritordesign

Grilled Lamb Chop

Photo credit Henry Liska

Beautiful Orange color cocktail during happt hours

Photo credit Niamh Sutton ‏@Thread_Setter –

Photo credit Melissa Mosley ‏@issaMosley

Photo credit Melissa Mosley from Arizona ‏@issaMosley –

4 different kinds of Sushi in 1 plate

Photo credit Chris Allen from Scottsdale ‏@djchrisallen

Young women at the entrance of the restaurant

Photo credit Ashley Reiff from Atlanta, GA ‏@ashleylreiff

Big plate prepared with Seafood

Photo credit Rob Wald ‏from Arizona @rob_wald

Best and Beautiful Raw Wagyu at Roka Akor

Photo credit EATERAZ ‏from Scottsdale, AZ

Serrano Roll

Serrano Roll – Photo credit Charlotte Shaff from Phoenix, AZ ‏

Training Marathon Group at Roka Akor Scottsdale March 2015

Photo Credit Jen Harman ‏@flossinjen

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