Climbing Camelback Mountain in Scottsdale Will Leave You Speechless

One of the greatest aspects of Scottsdale is the landscape of extraordinary textures, shapes and colors. There are plenty of ways to take in the picturesque scenery, but one of the best places to do so is Camelback Mountain. Located in the Phoenix Valley, this majestic mountain is the ultimate destination for urban hiking. Tourists and locals rave about the trails, and many Scottsdale residents return for new adventures.

Climbing Camelback Mountain in Scottsdale Echo Canyon Trail

We were careful not to squish any bugs on the way! Photo credit Cory Daniel ‏@doobay27

Beautiful Sunset in Scottsdale From the top of the mountain in January 2015

Sunset serenity in Arizona. Photo credit Todd Lowans ‏@ToddLowans from Chicago –

Climb a Nature-made Masterpiece

You can undertake the mountain in your own way, but reaching the peak is a popular goal. At the summit, you’ll experience a beautiful stillness as you gaze at the wonders around you and take in the spectacular views of the city below. While climbing, you’ll see vibrant flowers poking out of the rock, interesting plant life marking the trail, and fascinating wildlife enjoying the serenity.

Goup hikers walking on trail full of rocks

We have each others backs! Photo credit Kathryn Janicek ‏@kathrynjanicek from Chicago –

3 people very happy to be on the top of CamelBack

Neon selfie – hiking rules! Photo credit Amanda Feely ‏@feely_amanda from Colorado

Relax and Explore

Camelback Mountain is ideal for hiking whether you’re an expert or new to the scene. You can move at whatever pace is comfortable. There are four trails, and each has a different difficulty level. For an easier journey, choose the Ramada Loop or Bobby’s Rock Trail. In less than one hour, you can still enjoy the brilliance of the mountain without having to strain yourself or worry about time.

hikers stopped to takes picture at camelback mountain 2012

There is nothing more fun than Mother Nature – “Wait for me!” Photo credit by gabbyjohn13 ‏@GabbyJohn13

5 teenagers dancing at Spring Break 2014 Scottsdale

We worship nature in our own way. Photo credit Nicolette Vardon ‏@nicolettevardon

Test Your Skills

If you prefer a challenge, try the Cholla or Echo Canyon Trail. Each leads to the summit, but Cholla is a longer path snaking through the mountain. You’ll see more wildlife and mid-climb views there. Echo Canyon is steeper and more strenuous. It varies in intensity, so you’ll cross both small and large rocks while dealing with low or steep slopes. No matter which trail you choose, the payoff at the end is phenomenal.

Jaimee McQueen and her girlfriend hiking SAGUARO CACTUS backgroung in June 2013

These ancient Saguaro cacti are way older than we are. Photo credit Jaimee McQueen ‏@JaimeeMcqueen from Mooresville, Indiana.

2 hakers smilling Scottsdale July 2014

Our grandparents used to hike in their Sunday best – we have come a long way! Photo credit Jordan ‏@jojo_denson

Learn as You Climb

To get even more from your experience, consider climbing with a certified guide. You’ll learn intriguing facts about the mountain, its flora and fauna, the surrounding landscape and the Sonoran Desert. Your guide will also stop occasionally and take pictures of you and your group. Once you accomplish your goal, you’ll be able to buy discounted merchandise to prove you defeated the camel.

Photography by Cassie Madden Hiking under the sun in Scottsdale

Nothing beats leaving behind the stress of the city. Photo credit Cassie Madden www.cassiemaddencom


Reap the Benefits of Hiking

Hiking in the fresh air offers numerous advantages. It can improve your balance and develop core strength. It strengthens your lower body and deters weight gain as well. Hiking in all forms also improves blood pressure, lowers the risk of heart disease and boosts bone density. Even your mood will be enhanced because this type of exercise lowers anxiety and stress levels.

Young women posing for photo between round rocks

Made it to the top, but it’s not lonely out here! Photo credit briyoncé ♡ ‏@BriannaaaMarrie

natural high

Nothing gets people to smile like the Arizona sun. Photo credit salsa ‏@leesie_xX

With its distinct shape and an elevation of more than 2,700 feet, Camelback Mountain is an iconic backdrop for the Phoenix and Scottsdale areas. It’s conveniently located just 20 minutes from our hotel, so you can plan a fun day of hiking without wasting time on travel. Our staff can provide directions and helpful tips so that you can fully enjoy the splendor and tranquility of mountain climbing.

2 girl On the top of Camelback Mountain in Phoenix in December 2014

Climbing partners – we made it! Photo credit Alex Spencer ‏@aNikole926

Allison Dailey and her 2 friends climbing Camelback Mountain in March 2015

It never feels like I have come very far until I look over my shoulder. Photo credit Allison Dailey ‏@al_dailey81 from Kansas City.

happy father and daugther at the summit of Camelback Mountain

Hiking beats all other forms of entertainment. Photo credit YFL ‏@COCAC515 from Charlotte, NC.

on a really sunny day 2 young men climbing and smilling oct 2011

We made it up here before everyone else! Photo credit Cole Parker Skinner ‏@coleskinner23


Peace, love, and mountain climbing forever! Photo credit by Anna Jayne ‏@anna_jayne_

hikers taking a break

Of all the things I have done in life, nothing beats this moment. Photo credit Tiff Daniels ‏@tiff_daniels from North Carolina

Views Camelback Mountain in the horizon 20 miles away

View of Camelback Mountain in Scottsdale, Arizona with Saguaro cacti. Photo credit by Tyler @TangoCard@TylerGentry from Phoenix, Arizona.

Hiking Family photo 2015

We climbed up here today, you’re next! Photo credit Steven Cusumano ‏@SteveCusu48

Young girl Climbing a very large rock December 2013

Ready, set, climb a mountain! Photo by Katie Mark ‏@k_markkk

People making signs with arms on top of Camelback Mountain

All that training in the gym paid off – we made it up here safe, sound, and strong! Photo credit Brian DeCarlo ‏@Brian_DeCarlo from Cincinnati

Sunday Morning Detox

Sunday morning detox. Photo credit Aimee Scheuneman ‏@aimeescheuneman from St. Louis, MO.

We made it to the top meg mcfarlane

Exercise helps people live longer, hiking is fun! Photo credit meg mcfarlane ‏@meg_mcfarlane MSU

A beautiful couple hiking the trail

On some days the cliffs may be unstable, but not today. Photo credit SchubertDesign ‏@Schubert_Design from Redmond, WA.

a couple sit under the sun after a big hike

Hiking makes the best quality time. Photo credit Keaton Slaughter and Ber @K_Slaughter24 – @ber_lingle from Sioux City, IA

Group 20 tired people taking photo at the end of trail

There’s nothing like climbing a mountain together to pull a team together. Photo credit ASU Lacrosse ‏@ASULacrosse from Tempe, AZ.

Sunrise2 from the base of Camelback Mountain

World famous Arizona sunrise. Photo credit Dean Thornton ‏@ironskeleton from  Homewood, AL.

Widelife in the desert - Chuckwalla in the sun

Widelife – Chuckwalla on the rocks – Photo credit SchubertDesign ‏@Schubert_Design from Redmond, WA

Orange Sunset with scottsdale in the Background

Scottsdale is getting ready for bed at dusk. Photo credit Drew Weeks ‏@drewweeks03 from Florida.

Hiking by night march 2015

Photo credit by Chanse Patrick ‏@ChansePatrick


Dear Photographers, Hikers and Climbers,

If your photos are posted on this blog post it is because your images have caught our eye, we love all of them!
Thank you so much for giving us permission to share your photos and for letting others enjoy and experience your adventure!



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