Explore, Learn and Relax at the Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix

The Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix is one of the most inspiring places in the country. This enchanting attraction is the perfect combination of garden and museum. With its winding trails and gorgeous open-air exhibits, it’s a great setting to learn about the unique plant life in the Sonoran Desert and around the world. There are more than 50,000 desert trees and plants on display creating a truly mesmerizing landscape.

Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix 2015 Explore Learn Relax

Photo Credit Desert Botanical Garden – Click here for more photos

There is always something special and out of the ordinary to see at the garden, from the vibrant wildflowers blooming proudly to the miniature cactuses peeking out from the sides of trails. Some plants are common and indigenous, while others are endangered and extremely rare. If you visit at night, you may even see flowers that only bloom in the dark. Each display offers insight to the mysteries of the desert.

Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix 2014 Discover the Wonders of the Desert

Photo Credit Desert Botanical Garden – Click here for more photos

Become Immersed in Nature

The garden is tucked away in the center of a thriving city, but it’s easy to lose yourself in the picturesque scenery. There are several trails for viewing the desert in full bloom. The Desert Wildflower Trail features sprawling multicolored fields of wildflowers as well as the bees and hummingbirds they attract. If you want to see spectacular mountain views as you explore, check out the Sonoran Desert Nature Trail.

Become Immersed in Nature 2013

Photo Credit Desert Botanical Garden – Click here for more photos

Get the Most from Your Experience

Seasonal exhibits and special events boost the entertainment level at the garden. Learn how butterflies make their transformations at the Meet the Caterpillars exhibit, or see some bizarre cactuses at the Central Arizona Cactus and Succulent Society Show. There are several exhibits featuring one-of-a-kind creations by celebrated artists as well. You can also enjoy live stage performances, ice cream socials and musical events all in a striking desert setting.

Get the Most from Your Experience - Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix 2012

Photo Credit Desert Botanical Garden – Click here for more photos

Connect With Nature 

Many of the exhibitions and events provide opportunities for appreciating not only the desert environment but nature in general. The Marshall Butterfly Pavilion is just one example of this. Twice a year, you can walk among hundreds of vividly colored soaring butterflies as you learn about their habitats and behaviors. The flourishing garden combined with the kaleidoscope of colors is truly stupefying.

Connect With Nature  2011

Photo Credit Desert Botanical Garden – Click here for more photos

 Don’t Miss the Details

Because there are points of interest around every corner, it can be easy to miss the small details. A tour guide can help you notice the subtleties, such as the lushness of the cactus forest or the unusual shapes of the herbs in the Picante Garden. You can even go on a flashlight tour and observe the desert in an entirely new way. There are various guided tours to choose from, including individual, group and school outings.

Don’t Miss the Details - Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix 2010

Photo Credit Desert Botanical Garden – Click here for more photos

Take an Educational Journey

Each staff member is dedicated to preserving the natural beauty of the desert and educating the public on protecting the plants and wildlife. If you’re interested in learning about conserving the world’s deserts, you can sign up for a number of different classes, demonstrations and hands-on workshops. Both adults and children can benefit from these resources, and the classes and events are exceptionally entertaining.

Mysterious desert foliage

Photo credit Hernan Valencia ‏@theconstruct from Las Vegas – www.hernanvalencia.info

6 unique and beautiful cactus

Photo Credit Life Made Well ‏@LifeMadeWell from Illinois – www.lifemadewell.com

Butterfly exhibit

Photo Credit Lynn Krizic Amateur Photographer ‏@LynnKrizic

Nice couple at Desert Botanical Gardens at sunset

Photo Credit Coach Justin D. ‏@CoachJustinD from Gilbert, Arizona.

Humming at the Desert Botanical Garden

Photo credit Katie ‏@RatherMoore From Chicago

Sit dog and Master

Dog Day at the Garden – “Princess Zenna received many compliments”. Photo Credit Jeff Paris ‏@SonoranSpirit from Arizona

Luminarias at night

Photo Credit Charisse Colbert ‏@CharisseColbert from Arizona www.cmcdesignstudio.com

Macro - Bee inside flower 2015

Photo Credit Jim Weglewski ‏@Quarktrack

Cardinal bird sitting branch

Cardinal. Photo Credit waynesworld media ‏@waynedaniels from Chandler, AZ.

Photo Credit Sameer Soorma ‏@sameersoorma

Photo Credit Sameer Soorma Photographer ‏@sameersoorma from Chandler, AZ. www.sameersoorma.com

Park view cactus sun green yellow foliage

Photo Credit Lily ‏@xxlilyy

Papago Butte in Phoenix

Photo Credit Jane Crafter ‏@craftymate from Phoenix

Chihuly Sculpture glass exhibit on 2014

Sun behind Chiluly

Photo Credit Lauri Stevens ‏@lawscomm from Washington, DC. www.lawscommunications.com

Blue Chihuly glass exhibit

Photo Credit Arielle Laner ‏@ArielleLaner

Blue Chiluly sculpture Tom Hall

Photo Credit Tom Hall ‏@TomHallA

Dancing Chihuly Yellow Leslie Jean Thornton

Photo Credit Leslie-Jean Thornton ‏@ljthornton from Phoenix. www.ljthornton.tumblr.com

ElectricLeague red sculpure

Photo Credit ElectricLeague ‏@ELAHomeRepairs  –  www.elahomerepairs.org

Green Dale Chihuly glass sculptures

Photo Credit Sebastiano Barassi ‏@sebarassi

Red Chihuly sculpture

Photo Credit J. Carlos ‏@iventura25 from Minatitlán Veracruz

Located just minutes from downtown Phoenix, the Desert Botanical Garden is ideal for locals and tourists. Whether you attend an event, view an exhibition, take a class or stroll the quiet trails, you’ll experience the wilderness in ways you’ve never imagined. The rich colors and vitality of the desert are perfectly represented in each display. Because there is so much to see, smell and hear, you’ll likely want to return again and again for new sensory adventures in this natural wonderland.

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