Traveling to Scottsdale, Arizona with your Dog

Have you ever wanted to go away on vacation but hesitated to do so because you knew you would miss your dog just too much? Well you don’t have to put your four-legged friend in the kennel. You don’t have to ask the neighbors to feed your pooch while you are away. You can take your precious pet with you. Traveling to Scottsdale, Arizona with your dog is easy as long as you do a little planning ahead. If you want to have the best time with your dog, before you travel to Scottsdale, you should know the answers to the following three questions.

Photo Credit Kevin M ‏@Codename_LEON

Photo Credit Kevin M ‏@Codename_LEON –

1. How will I get to my destination with my dog?

If you live 500 miles or more away from Scottsdale, you’ll probably choose to fly. Make sure you check with the airline so you understand their policy. Some airlines allow small dogs in the cabin. Some airlines charge more than others to transport your canine companion. If you need to rent a car, generally, car rental companies will not charge you extra if you take your pet along. Check the car rental company’s pet policy. If you live up to 300 miles away (like San Diego or Las Vegas)it is usually best to pack your pet in the car and drive to Scottsdale.

Photo Credit David Duchovny ‏@pw_photo

Photo Credit David Duchovny ‏@pw_photo

2. What pet-friendly hotel is best for me and my pooch?

While there are many hotels in Scottsdale that will allow a small dog to stay in the room with you, some hotels are more pet-friendly than others. Some hotels charge hefty fees, only allow dogs of a certain size, have limited green space for walking your pup.

Photo Credit Ann Barwig ‏@AnnBarwig

Photo Credit Ann Barwig from Tuscon, AZ ‏@AnnBarwig

3. What activities will be fun for me and my four-legged companion?

Your dog likes to run and get exercise every day. You can pretty much walk your dog in any public park or green space as long as you keep him on a leash. If you want to unleash your dog and let him play, the city of Scottsdale offers three well maintained, off-leash dog parks.

Photo Credit Allie @ LunaVida ‏@alliegee319

Photo Credit Allie @ LunaVida from ‏Phoenix, AZ

Chaparral Park, located at 5401 N. Hayden Road, is a large four-acre park that is great for dogs of all sizes and breeds. Active dogs play in one area while passive dogs are grouped with other passive dogs. Chaparral Park is well-lit, has plenty of parking, and is one of the best maintained off-leash dog parks in Arizona.

Horizon Park, located at 15444 N. 100th Street, is a smaller off-leash dog park that is still big enough for your dog to get the exercise he needs. Water bowls are built into the ground so Fido can always quench his thirst.

Photo Credit Robinsbrush ‏@Robinsbrushart

Photo Credit Robinsbrush ‏@Robinsbrushart

Vista del Camino Park located at 7800 E. Pierce Street, has a 1/2 acre off-leash area complete with shade trees, benches and a doggie water fountain.

Scottsdale’s McDowell Sonoran Preserve

A day trip with your dog to the 30,000 scenic acres and more than 100 miles of trails is a grand opportunity to enjoy the great outdoors and incredible beauty of the mountains and desert. The McDowell Mountains rise proudly against the horizon, lush flora and fauna are abundant, and you may spot small animals and wildlife at any time. Enter the Preserve through any of the five major trailheads – Brown’s Ranch, Gateway, Lost Dog Wash, Sunrise, and Tom’s Thumb – and take your dog on a hike. Observe the rules and keep your dog on his leash. Remember to bring plenty of water for you and your dog!

Photo Credit Dania Blanco ‏@CosmiixArtistry

Photo Credit Dania Blanco from Gilbert, AZ ‏

The Green Belt

Stretching 11 miles through the central part of Scottsdale is a popular desert oasis known as the Indian Bend Wash Greenbelt. Rated as one of the most green urban spaces, the Green Belt is a network of interconnected parks, gardens, lakes and art installations that are all connected by bike and walking trails. Attach the leash to your dog’s collar and go for a leisurely stroll.

A Few Special Places for Your Dog

Wag N’ Wash Pet Food & Bakery, located at 7777 E. Indian School Road, is a fun place where you can pick up healthy dog food, doggie snacks and doggie toys. You can also give your precious pup a spa experience.

A Few Special Places for Your Dog - Wag N' Wash Pet Food & Bakery

Photo Credit Spotlight: Wag N’ Wash Creates One-Stop for Pets and Owners

OH My Dog is located at 7137 Stetson Drive in the trendy part of Old Town. Pamper your pooch with only the best including designer clothes and jewelry and some extra special organic treats.

Photo Credit OH My Dog in Scottsdale, AZ - @OhMyDog -

Photo Credit OH My Dog in Scottsdale, AZ – @OhMyDog

Mackie’s Pet Boutique and Spa is located at 8787 N. Scottsdale Road and offers everything from specially baked pupcakes to brightly colored dog bowls.

Photo Credit Mackie's Parlour Pet Store in Scottsdale, AZ - Facebook -

Photo Credit Mackie’s Parlour Pet Store in Scottsdale, AZ – Facebook –

Visiting beautiful Scottsdale with your dog will only enhance your vacation. For you, there is always something fun to do, and for your dog, the same is true.

Photographers: thank you for sharing your gorgeous fun filled photos!
We wish everyone a wonderful time in Scottsdale and hope to see you all one day at the Best Western Plus Scottsdale Thunderbird Suites Hotel!
And yes, we are pet-friendly!  


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