Watson Lake: An Outdoor Playground for All Ages

Photo Credit Ámbre ‏@ambasa__

Photo Credit Ámbre ‏@ambasa__

Do you crave the tranquility of nature but don’t want to travel long distances to experience it? Are you looking for a new adventure your entire family can enjoy? Search no further than Watson Lake in Prescott, Ariz. This gorgeous gift from Mother Nature will exceed all your expectations about outdoor recreation. There is so much to see and do; boredom is simply not an option.

Photo Credit AZ Adalia K. ‏@adalia_k

Photo Credit AZ Adalia K. ‏@adalia_k

Lace up Your Walking Shoes and hike at Watson Lake

The greatest feature of this beautiful park is the unique landscape. Winding trails weave through lush greenery and the most incredible rock formations you’ll ever see. There are also plenty of lakeside paths for you to hike or jog through. You can even go bicycling or horseback riding through some trails. Certain areas are more challenging than others, but the trails are clearly marked for stress-free navigation.

Photo Credit Nick Sorensen ‏@nick_sorensen

Photo Credit Nick Sorensen ‏@nick_sorensen

If you have some extra energy to burn, you can test your skills at rock climbing. There is a seemingly infinite selection of granite domes radiating from the shoreline, and it’s easy to lose yourself in the serenity of the canyons. Because mountain rescue teams train at these rock formations, the fixed hardware on the boulders is in excellent condition.

Photo Credit  Rebekah Luebkemann Bekah ‏@trulybekah Instagram tyrannosaurussbex

Photo Credit Rebekah Luebkemann Bekah ‏@trulybekah Instagram tyrannosaurussbex

Tap Into Your Adventurous Side

Watson Lake Park is ideal for families because it offers endless opportunities for excitement. People of all ages can escape the tension of everyday life at this open-air playground. Take the kids kayaking or canoeing on the crystal clear water, spend the afternoon fishing or bird watching with your partner, or enjoy a picnic with the Granite Dells as your backdrop.

Photo Credit Kristy Siefkin ‏@kristysiefkin

Photo Credit Kristy Siefkin Weather Anchor and Reporter, Fox 10 News, Phoenix. ‏@kristysiefkin

Several campgrounds are available during the summertime, including a smaller site near the shore. Spend your days grilling, tossing horseshoes or playing soccer in the open fields, and take in the ethereal beauty of your surroundings after the sun sets. You can even bring a four-legged friend along and let the pooch roam, run and romp around the nearby dog park.

Photo Credit Paul Folk Photo ‏@PaulFolkPhoto

Photo Credit Paul Folk Photo ‏@PaulFolkPhoto – http://pfolkphoto.zenfolio.com

Don’t Forget Your Camera

Watson Lake is hugged by giant stones, vibrant plant life and vivid wildflowers, which means there are countless photo ops from all angles. You’ll see more shapes, tones and textures than you could ever imagine. The calm cerulean water slicing through the granite reflects like a mirror, and it creates a magical dual image of the majestic rocks rising from the earth.

Photo Credit Tristan Schack ‏@tristanschack

Photo Credit Tristan Schack ‏@tristanschack – Listen Tristan on iTunes

If you really want to be inspired, stick around for the sun to set, or arrive early to see it rise. The colorful display on the glasslike water is indescribable, and the neutral tones of the boulders add to the visual drama. During the quiet moments of early morning and evening, you may also see more wildlife than usual, including bald eagles and peccaries.

Photo Credit  Leo ‏@Leo_Bounds

Photo Credit Leo ‏@Leo_Bounds –  www.BoundsAbove.com

Slow Down and Unwind

The city of Prescott is known for its laid-back style and breathtaking environment, and it provides many sources of entertainment such as the famed Whiskey Row and historic downtown area. Visitors come from all areas of the country to observe the small-town life. Because Watson Lake is located four miles from downtown Prescott, it’s the perfect place to experience that slower pace in an organic atmosphere.

Photo Credit Tiffany Carver ‏@tiffanyc2895

Photo Credit Tiffany Carver ‏@tiffanyc2895

Photo Credit Ted Graf ‏@tedgrafx

Photo Credit Ted Graf ‏@tedgrafx

Photo Credit Rachel&Mark ‏@RV_honeymoon

Photo Credit Rachel&Mark ‏@RV_honeymoon – http://rvhoneymoon.com

Photo Credit karen elaine ‏@origamitini

Photo Credit karen Elaine ‏@origamitini

Whiskey Row and historic downtown area at Watson Lake

Photo Credit Shelly Weaver ‏@shellyweave – http://www.shellyweaverphoto.com

Photo Credit Aleksandra Svet ‏@AleksSvet

Photo Credit Aleksandra Svetlichnaya. Actor, model, fashionista. ‏@AleksSvet

Photo Credit alison ‏@literallyalison

Photo Credit alison ‏@literallyalison

Photo Credit BT123 ‏@briteeple

Photo Credit BT123 ‏@briteeple

Photo Credit David Maples ‏@AirMapes66

Photo Credit David Maples ‏@AirMapes66

Photo Credit Tyler Sichelski ‏@tyskiphoto

Photo Credit Tyler Sichelski ‏from Chandler, Arizona @tyskiphoto – http://www.tyskiphoto.com

Photo Credit Kyle House ‏@drjerque

Photo Credit Kyle House ‏Geologic mapper and researcher of late Cenozoic desert fluvial and lacustrine systems. @drjerquehttp://impossiblegeology.net 

Photo Credit  dagny gromer ‏@dagnygromer

Geese flying over snow at Watson Lake park in Prescott, Az – Photo Credit dagny gromer ‏@dagnygromer – http://www.dagnygromer.com

The park is open all year with extended hours in the summer. It’s just 1 hour and 30 minutes from our hotel, so you can certainly plan last minute excursions. Conveniently located and affordable, Watson Lake is the ultimate place to bring your family, friends, significant others and even your dogs. No matter how you plan your visit, you’ll want to return again and again for more adventures.

4 thoughts on “Watson Lake: An Outdoor Playground for All Ages

  1. Thank you for featuring my photo! Watson Lake was my most memorable experience while visiting Prescott. Not only was hiking and climbing around the lake a blast, but I also had the chance to witness and photograph tons of wildlife! I would also recommend hiking Thumb Butte near sunset!

  2. Thank you for including my picture “Calm Reflections”. More of my work can be seen at Fine Art America here http://www.LeoBounds.com including framed prints and canvases. Watson lake is among my favorite places to visit in north Arizona. For sure it’s a very peaceful place to enjoy nature and take in the views.

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