The Musical Instrument Museum in Phoenix: A Fascinating Celebration of Music

Giant Cello Photo Credit © Lee Rostad ‏@LeeRostad

Giant Cello – Photo Credit © Lee Rostad ‏@LeeRostad

If you’re a music enthusiast or you play an instrument or two, the Musical Instrument Museum in Phoenix should be on your immediate to-do list. This two-story gallery celebrates all things musical and is loaded with an astounding assortment of instruments from all over the world. More than 10,000 musical instruments and related items are carefully displayed by country, artist and genre. The pieces are featured in both permanent and rotating exhibitions.

Photo Credit Carly @ ethelu's ‏@ethelusvintage

Photo Credit Carly @ ethelu’s ‏@ethelusvintage –

The Electrifying Collections of the Musical Instrument Museum

Music has an inexplicable energy, and the developers of MIM figured out how to capture that power and highlight it in captivating displays. As you stroll through the four main galleries, you’ll observe and interact with the mind-boggling collections. Get ready to jam on some unique instruments, watch pianos play themselves, and discover little-known facts about the industry’s top icons. In the museum’s Geographical Galleries, you can even learn about the global impact of music.

Photo Credit A Dizzle ‏@adud44

Photo Credit A Dizzle ‏@adud44 – Listen Austin Dudley on iTunes

Photo Credit Greg Byers ‏@Cellogreg

Photo Credit Greg Byers ‏@Cellogreg –

Musical Instrument Museum Special Events

The magic of MIM lives in more than just the stimulating exhibits. There are numerous events that bring music to life. A special Mother’s Day celebration, holiday engagements, Family Weekend in June and the MIMkids Mini Music Makers summer events provide exciting musical experiences for all age groups. There are also fun artist celebrations, including one honoring Elvis Presley in August and a tribute to John Lennon in October.

Photo Credit joel burns ‏@rhythm_papa

Photo Credit joel burns ‏@rhythm_papa –

Photo Credit Mike Khatchadurian ‏@mkhatch22

Photo Credit Mike Khatchadurian ‏@mkhatch22

Become One with the Beat at the Musical Instrument Museum

One of the most interesting exhibitions at MIM is Beyond the Beat: Drums of the World. Held from Nov. 15 to June 21, it consists of more than 100 drums from nearly 50 countries. You can use interactive technologies to identify sounds and learn how the drums work. On May 9, there will be a corresponding exhibition where you can play various drums, participate in workshops and watch performances by local and national percussionists.

Country Section - Photo Credit Norrie Tago MacIver ‏@norrietago

Country Section – Photo Credit Norrie Tago MacIver ‏@norrietago –

Photo Credit M31 (Kyle Tippetts) ‏@M31Music

Photo Credit M31 (Kyle Tippetts) ‏@M31Music –

The Musical Instrument Museum Concert Series

If the diverse collection of instruments or the dynamic exhibits don’t satisfy your hunger for music, you can always head to the performance theater. Some of the planet’s best artists have graced the MIM Music Theater stage. The concerts cover an array of sounds and genres from around the globe, including Latin, bluegrass, swing and African. Before you attend a performance, be sure to stop by Café Allegro for some tasty treats.

Photo Credit Marcus Griswold ‏@GriswoldTravel

Photo Credit Marcus Griswold ‏@GriswoldTravel –

Women in Music Past Exhibit - Photo Credit Shellabrate ‏@shellabrate

Women in Music (Past Exhibit) – Photo Credit Shellabrate ‏@shellabrate

Unite with Other Music Lovers at the Musical Instrument Museum

You can enhance your experience by connecting with others who share your passion, whether it’s your own group, other guests or the knowledgeable staff. You and your family or friends can spend as much or as little time exploring as you want.

Photo Credit Rob Reid ‏@thereideffect

Photo Credit Rob Reid ‏@thereideffect –

 Photo Credit Ramsey Kouri ‏@TheRamseyK

Photo Credit Ramsey Kouri ‏@TheRamseyK

Photo Credit Zane Ioli ‏@izaneybraney  flickr

Exterior Museum #MIM  – Photo Credit Zane Ioli ‏@izaneybraney  – More Stunning Photos From Zane on Flickr

Because the museum is located just 15 minutes from our hotel, we encourage our guests to at least check out the main galleries. No matter how deep your interests go, MIM is the absolute best place to hear, see and feel music’s influential force in the most compelling way.

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2 thoughts on “The Musical Instrument Museum in Phoenix: A Fascinating Celebration of Music

  1. The Musical Instrument Museum is truly amazing! I can’t believe it’s not more well-known than it is–I love museums and I LOVE music, but I had never heard of the MIM until an Arizona-dwelling friend suggested it to me during a trip to Phoenix. It belongs up there with the MoMA in New York and the Art Institute of Chicago for excellence and cultural significance.

    If you like music even a little bit (and who doesn’t?), the MIM is a must-see. On a scale of 1 to 10, I give it a 5,000.

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