Arizona Science Center: Your Next Great Adventure

Arizona Science Center Great Adventure

“Grossology” Credit to E M ‏@maascowjr

Are you ready to explore the wonders of science in an entirely new way? The Arizona Science Center in Phoenix provides a unique and entertaining glimpse into the scientific universe. With an eclectic assortment of exhibits, live demos and exclusive events, this is the place to visit if you want to learn more about the world around you. Located in the Heritage and Science Park, the center is part of the culturally fascinating landscape of downtown Phoenix.

Stimulating Exhibits

From the moment you see the facility, you’ll feel connected to technology. The building itself represents scientific innovation with its distinctive contemporary angles. Once you step inside, you’ll be transported to an interactive playground for kids and adults. Throughout the four levels are seven galleries based around specific themes. Each zone has hands-on exhibits, and there are plenty of items to touch and examine.

42 girls participated in Mondays EPICS Showcase at the Arizona Science Center - Credit Xavier EPICS ‏@XavierEPICS

42 girls participated in Mondays EPICS Showcase at the Arizona Science Center – Credit Xavier EPICS ‏@XavierEPICS

All About Me, the W.O.N.D.E.R. Center and Forces of Nature are some of the standouts. Learn how the body functions by walking through an actual working stomach and seeing a real human brain. You’ll even be able to experience nature’s wrath in a special immersive theater. You can also investigate the fuselage of an airplane in Flight Zone and learn about physics while suspended in the air at SkyCycle. Every exhibit lets you delve into science through fun and enlightening experimentation.

Special Happenings

The science center has amazing temporary exhibitions as well, including Grossology which will be on display from May to early September. This is a demonstration of all the bodily functions, particularly the gross ones. If you want to be parent of the year, let your little ones climb across simulated human skin or travel through a 30-foot model of the digestive system. There is even a section that allows you to trigger sneezes inside a gigantic nose.

learning opportunities

Credit to Neil M ‏@nmann1

Complementing the exhibitions are educational lectures, live daily demos and adult-focused events held every first Friday of the month. No one under 18 is allowed, and a cash bar boosts the fun level. The topics explored at Adults Night Out vary, so you really get a chance to gather information about whatever interests you. You can relax and take in the nuances and flow of the center at your own pace.

Inspiring Presentations

To become even more immersed in the processes and functions of the world, check out the Dorrance planetarium. Because the technologies used there are so advanced, it’s easy to get lost in the moment. Whether you’re spiraling through the solar system, traveling around the moon’s surface or discovering new details about Arizona’s night sky, you’ll experience an indescribable journey through time and space.

Dorrance planetarium

Credit M ‏@mikaelamcbride

A different type of adventure is waiting for you at the center’s high-tech IMAX Theater. Two films are shown every day, and each features visually dynamic cinematography. The current shows are D-Day 3D: Normandy 1944 and Mysteries of the Unseen World. It’s up to you to decide whether you want to dive into history or view the hidden beauty of the microscopic universe around you.

a boy is learning to write code at the Arizona Science Center

Credit to Peter Scholz ‏@pscholz_photo12

2 friends at the Museum

Credit to Desirae Joey ‏@TheOwlsMask

Credit Robert Hernandez ‏@rhernandezfox10

Credit Robert Hernandez ‏@rhernandezfox10


Credit to stoked ‏@sarinabinaaa

There are endless learning opportunities for all ages at this family-friendly facility. It’s open nearly every day, and general admission tickets are less than $20 per person. You cannot beat the price, considering you could easily spend an entire day seeing the sights. Every colorful display creates dramatic visuals that instantly capture and hold your attention. No matter how you spend your time at the Arizona Science Center, you’ll walk away with a greater appreciation of life’s possibilities.

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