Plan a Family Fun Day at the Phoenix Zoo

Plan a Family Fun Day at the Phoenix Zoo

Credit to Jordan Hibbs ‏@jordanahibbs – Visit Jordan’s website here

Put on your walking shoes, animal lovers, and head to the Phoenix Zoo for an afternoon of fun and discovery. Located in one of the most beautiful areas of Phoenix, this zoo can only be called picture perfect. There are more than 1,400 well cared for animal residents, and the grounds are as pristine as the habitats. With so much to explore, this is the ideal destination for a family adventure.

Exciting Animal Encounters

The 125-acre wildlife park is more than just a collection of ordinary zoo critters. While you’ll still find lions, tigers and bears, there are so many more unique and fascinating species. You’ll see the most curious creatures roaming about, from the graceful long-necked gerenuk and neon-colored tropical birds to the adorable spectacled bear and cartoonish Gila monsters. Each zone will bring you closer to understanding the wonders of nature.

Female Lion

Credit to Pro Photographer Rick Triana ‏@riptrianaphotog – Visit Rick’s website here

Many exhibits offer interactive experiences for getting closer to the action. Take a ride on a friendly camel, feed a hungry giraffe or pet some playful stingrays as they float through the water. You can even walk through an open-air exhibit where the cutest monkeys scurry right past you. At Harmony Farm, your little ones will love petting, brushing and feeding the goats, as well as coming face to face with some loveable cows, horses and sheep.

Entertaining Attractions

Even the most inquisitive wildlife fanatic may become temporarily bored with observing zoo animals. If you or your young ones need a pause, stop by the 4-D Theater for a totally immersive experience. Special daily shows combine scents, wind, bubbles and other sensory effects to provide insight into various aspects of nature. It’s amazing to see and feel the onscreen images come to life and to learn in a truly unforgettable way.


Credit to alexa ‏@alexarae327

There are several water features at the zoo for anyone needing a break from the heat. Babies and toddlers can splash and play in the Leapin’ Lagoon, and older children can go wild at Yakulla Caverns. If the entire family wants in on the fun, you can rent a pedal boat and coast along the Harmony Farm River. You’ll get a completely new view of the zoo grounds as you plan the rest of your excursion.

Intriguing Events

Part of what makes this zoo exceptional is the focus on education. As you stroll along the themed trails, you’ll find plenty of chances to delve further into the animal universe. Throughout the year, the zoo offers various educational workshops and children’s activities that extend the learning opportunities. There are also special events each season, and this summer promises some very memorable experiences.

Komodo Dragon

Credit to Tera ‏@tlcr04

One event you don’t want to miss is Prowl & Play taking place June 13 and August 8. This themed celebration provides a unique evening perspective and is packed with activities, including a critter chat, craft making, games and water slides. On July 4, the zoo hosts 4th of Zooly, which is the ultimate combination of delicious treats, unusual animals, live music and fireworks. To keep the merriment going, the zoo will transform into a winter wonderland July 18.


Credit to jess jené ‏@jene_jessie

Giraffe smille

Credit to Raquel Gonzales™ ‏@Raquelita_G


Credit to FezzesAreCool ‏@Wildrider51


Credit to Senior Reporter/Backup Anchor @CTVLethbridge Kaella Carr ‏@CTVKaellaCarr


Credit to Beth Boyd ‏@ElizParkCoop


Credit to Melissa Brandle ‏@BrandleFlakes

volunteering at the phoenix zoo

Volunteering at the phoenix zoo for the #WalkToCureArthritis – Credit to Mandy LaCount ‏@mandylacount


Credit to Matthew Brown ‏@EdTechMatthew

Baby Elephant

Credit to Rexann Kapoor ‏@RexannKapoor

petting zoo

Credit to Thy Royal E ‏@nyroyal19


Credit to Keith Yaskin ‏@keithyaskin

riding a camel

Credit to Writer, Producer and Artist Adam Agee ‏@adamagee – Visit Adam’s website here

Elephant Ivory Tusks

Credit to Hailey Avnukov ‏@HaileyDearest


Credit to contemporary romance author Kara Braden ‏@KaraBraden – Visit Kara’s website here

Baby Elephant statue

Credit to Jalyne ‏@jgelowicz

Fish Petting Zoo

Credit to Kendall Grant ‏@kendalldgrant

Toddler and the Goat

Credit to Holly Marie ‏@AsCuteAsBugsEar – Website #momblogger


Credit to Keely ‏@Keely__B

wild owl

Credit to Budding Photographer and Marine Veteran Meghan Davidson ‏@PhoenixFlame35


Credit to Austin ‏@Austin_1331

A maned wolf

It’s a Maned Wolf from South America – Credit to Brett Nachman ‏@bnachmanreports

Inside the Park

Credit to Ali Reese ‏@alireese

The Phoenix Zoo is an outdoor classroom for the young and young at heart. With its distinctive Southwest ambiance, the environment is just so captivating. Whether you take the Safari Train guided tour or travel the 2.5 miles of trails by foot, you can expect to witness some wondrous sights. From the African Savanna to the Endangered Species Carousel, there is something extraordinary to satisfy everyone’s interest.


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