Enjoy a Butterfly Wonderland Adventure in Scottsdale

Photo Courtesy Butterfly Wonderland

Photo Courtesy Butterfly Wonderland

Have you ever been mesmerized by the fluttering wings of a butterfly? Can you imagine seeing thousands of these beautiful, vivid creatures soaring through the air around you? You can do just that at the Butterfly Wonderland in Scottsdale. This extraordinary haven houses the largest butterfly atrium in the country, and it provides a peek into the fascinating lives of these winged wonders.

Photo credit Sean Paskach ‏@seanpaskach

Photo credit Sean Paskach ‏@seanpaskach

The 3D Theater

Your journey into the butterfly world will begin at the in-house theater. You’ll watch a short educational film detailing the epic migration and life cycle of the stunning monarch butterfly. It’s a brief enough story to keep even the youngest minds engaged and entertained. The images on the 3D screen are so realistic, you may want to reach out and touch each butterfly.

Jeff Wright ‏@thejeffrial

Jeff Wright ‏@thejeffrial

The Conservatory

One highlight of the Butterfly Wonderland is the huge glass atrium designed to mimic a tropical rainforest. Walking through the lush, fragrant foliage is like stepping into another world. More than 3,000 vibrant butterflies from all over the globe color the air as they fly freely from plant to plant. If you bring small children, expect to hear squeals and laughter as the butterflies land on little fingers, shoulders and even heads.

Photo credit Nina Diana ‏@ninadonline

Photo credit Nina Diana ‏@ninadonline

The Emergence Gallery

The most magical feature of this innovative attraction is the butterfly emergence gallery. This viewing lab allows you to witness a butterfly metamorphosis up close. You’ll be just inches from live chrysalises, and if you’re lucky, you may get to watch the delicate transformation take place. If you do see a butterfly emerging from its protective shell and spreading its wings for the first time, you will have experienced something really special.

Photo credit HD Taylor ‏@shuttervita

Photo credit HD Taylor ‏@shuttervita

The Aquariums and Honeybee Displays

Once you’ve had your fill of flickering wings, head to the Rivers of the Amazon aquariums to check out the collection of exotic, colorful and unusual fish. You can even pet some friendly stingrays at the touch pool. If you’d rather stick with the insect universe, the Honeybee Extravaganza and Insects of the Desert exhibits should satisfy your creepy-crawly interests.

The Café and Gift Shop

When you need a break from your tour, stop by the relaxing café. Plan the rest of your day as you enjoy a delicious lunch or indulge in a sweet snack. You can also consider any missed photo opportunities and decide which areas you want to revisit. Also be sure to head over to the Butterfly Treasures store. You’ll find plenty of fun items to give as gifts or keep as souvenirs.

The Butterfly Wonderland http://butterflywonderland.com is a unique attraction that you won’t want to miss. It’s located just 15 minutes from our hotel, so it’s easy to plan a quick day trip to the property. This is the perfect family outing because both children and adults enjoy watching the butterflies take flight in the tranquil, natural setting. Once you visit the Butterfly Wonderland, you’ll want to return again and again.

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