Glow Putt in Scottsdale Shines a New Light on Miniature Golf

Photo Courtesy Glowputtaz

Photo Courtesy Glowputtaz

Arizona has plenty of incredible outdoor attractions, but what if you want a break from the desert heat? When you need to cool off but don’t want the fun to end, check out Glow Putt, Scottsdale’s glow-in-the-dark mini-golf course. Once you play 18 holes in the cool indoor course, you’ll never look at miniature golf the same way again.

Putt Your Way Through a Neon Jungle

This course takes putt-putt golf to a brighter, more exciting level. As soon as you check in, you’ll become a part of the gleaming environment with your complimentary glow bracelet. In the safari-themed golf zone, nearly everything radiates in brilliant neon colors, including the course and obstacles. Even your golf ball and putter will be illuminated under the UV lighting.

Every hole at Glow Putt has a unique quirk that maximizes the fun. You can even win a prize during the final round. As you play each hole, you’ll maneuver through colorful, vibrant floor dividers, jungle animals and foliage. The atmosphere is friendly and lively, and the facility is surprisingly clean. It’s a climate-controlled building, so you can enjoy a game at any time of year.

Challenge Your Friends and Family

Whether you plan a family fun night, enjoy a date with someone special or host a business event, Glow Putt is the ultimate backdrop for a friendly battle. The glowing elements scattered throughout the dark fairways provide enough of a challenge to keep everyone motivated to win. One round costs less than $10 for adults, so it’s a remarkably affordable outing.

Although this is a great place for adults to unwind, it’s also suitable for children of all ages. There are enough simple fairways for little ones to navigate easily. A private room is available for hosting birthday parties or other youth events. With all the different multicolored features, the course is perfect for planning a scavenger hunt or playing a round of I Spy.

Weekends at Glow Putt often get busy, but the employees keep things running smoothly. To avoid the crowds, you can go during the week as well. The course is open daily until 10 p.m. No matter when you visit this whimsical mini-golf center, you won’t be disappointed. With the wild layout and interesting twists at each hole, having a blast at Glow Putt is just par for the course.


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