Rock Your Skills at AZ on the Rocks

Rocks Scottsdale Children 2015

Photo Courtesy Azontherocks

If you’re feeling adventurous or you just want to spice up your exercise routine, take a trip to AZ on the Rocks in beautiful North Scottsdale. This excellent facility offers the excitement of rock climbing in a safe and clean environment. There are activities for both adults and children at the massive indoor gym, and the overall vibe is very family-friendly.

Photo credit Lauren Drew ‏@hazeleyedgirlie

Photo credit Lauren Drew ‏@hazeleyedgirlie

Challenge Yourself

The 14,000 square feet of terrain at the AZR arena is designed to match the conditions of actual rock climbing. With nearly 50 top ropes, multiple overhangs, numerous cracks and various textures, the climbing walls offer fun for everyone regardless of skill level. There is also a thrilling zip line, rotating treadwall and exhilarating rappelling platform. If you’re really fit, try to tackle the slopes and angles of the enormous bouldering walls.

Kelli Grant ‏@KelliJGrant

Kelli Grant ‏@KelliJGrant

Connect Your Mind, Body and Spirit

AZR is also a first-rate fitness center complete with cardiovascular machines and weight-lifting equipment. You can even take a yoga class at the Yoga on the Rocks on-site studio. There is instruction for all levels in a wide range of styles from free flow to vinyasa. Even your tiniest tots can learn to move through the postures and breathing techniques at the appropriate pace.

Photo credit Emily Slick ‏@emilyyslickk

Photo credit Emily Slick ‏@emilyyslickk

Become Parent of the Year

Instead of stressing over your young ones climbing the walls at home or in your hotel room, bring them to the climbing gym where they can burn off that energy in a fun but controlled environment. The friendly staff is always there to guide children and teens through the processes. With very little assistance, your kids will be scurrying up 30-foot walls while building confidence and strength.

Photo credit Rock Jungle Fitness ‏@RockJungleFit

Photo credit Rock Jungle Fitness ‏

Party on the Rocks

A safe, air-conditioned, user-friendly rock gym is the perfect place for a birthday party. Party packages include a private event room for three hours, climbing instruction for all guests and use of equipment and climbing gear. You’ll also have access to the free fall device, which allows kids to experience the sensation of true free falling without the risk. The birthday boy or girl will receive a keepsake T-shirt as well.

Photo credit Jen Harman ‏@flossinjen

Photo credit Jen Harman ‏@flossinjen

Build Team Trust

If you intend to organize a business meeting in Scottsdale, you may want to consider gathering at AZR. It’s the ideal spot for a team building program. You’ll be the hero when you transform the dull trust exercise into a downright unforgettable event. Whether you and your team use the lead-only cave, self-belay walls or rope-free area, you’ll inadvertently be learning to trust, cooperate, communicate, solve problems and lead.

Photo credit Lauren Sego ‏@kiaswole

Photo credit Lauren Sego ‏@kiaswole

AZ on the Rocks is an exceptional rock gym. For approximately $20, you can test your skills, release tension and gain some strength. There are private and group classes that include complete hands-on instruction, and all the gear you’ll need is provided by the facility. Whether you’re a first time climber or you want to improve your agility, AZR has everything you need to rock it out.


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