Scottsdale’s Southwest Wildlife Conservation Center: A Safe Haven for Native Animals

Southwest Wildlife Conservation CenterWildlife conservation is more important than ever, but it isn’t always easy to get involved in the cause. Fortunately, the Southwest Wildlife Conservation Center in Scottsdale provides an opportunity for animal lovers to help secure the futures of many native species. Whether you’re a tourist or an Arizona resident, this sanctuary should be on your must-see list. You can learn about desert animals while taking in some remarkably beautiful scenery.

Get Inspired

The SWCC isn’t a zoo; it’s a rehabilitation facility housing animals that couldn’t survive in the wild. Some have been injured or abandoned, and others have simply lost their habitats. The animals at the center are gently cared for and released back into the wild whenever possible. As you walk around the thoughtfully designed environment, you’ll discover how important it is for these creatures to have their own place in the world.

Volunteers are available to guide you around the property so that you can see its residents up close. During the tour, you’ll hear about how the animals arrived at the center, and you’ll learn about the rehabilitation process. The guides are knowledgeable and friendly, and they have a genuine passion and love for the animals. They also seem truly excited to educate guests on respecting and living with the local wildlife.

Native Animals

Meet Some Unusual Residents

The animals at this extraordinary refuge are awe-inspiring. See the mesmerizing power of a mountain lion, watch a jaguar being as playful as a kitten, and observe the unique coati climbing its way through life. From bears bobbing in water to bobcats napping in the sunlight, every animal at SWCC seems completely content. This is visual proof of the center’s devotion and respect for wildlife.

For a truly unforgettable experience, take a sunrise or moonlight tour. There is something special about seeing the beauty of the desert during dawn and watching the animals greet the day. A moonlit tour is even more memorable, especially if you’re lucky enough to go during a full moon. Imagine hearing the endangered Mexican gray wolf howl as that glowing white orb rises in the dark desert sky.


Venture into a Wild Universe

The conservation center offers educational activities, programs and events for both kids and grownups. Children can participate in Discovery Days and enjoy hands-on activities throughout the sanctuary. Adults can join Wild Workshops that focus on conservation and the role wildlife plays in our ecosystem. There are also holiday festivities, themed parties and animal awareness gatherings for people of all ages.

The Southwest Wildlife Conservation Center is funded by donations, so you’ll be supporting the rescue and recovery of these sweet animals every time you visit. The suggested donation amount is $20, and you need to schedule any tours in advance. Seeing the nurturing of each resident at this impressive wildlife haven is extremely touching. Don’t be surprised if you make lifelong connections to the natural animal world in completely unexpected ways.


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