The Children’s Museum of Phoenix: An Educational Playground

Photo Credit: Steph Bauer ‏@momsfoodblog  - "Play time at Children Museum of Phoenix"

Photo Credit: Steph Bauer ‏@momsfoodblog – “Play time at Children Museum of Phoenix” –

Finding age-appropriate, educational and interesting ways to keep children entertained takes some creativity. This is especially true for children under 10. Little ones constantly want to explore the world around them. Because children learn through imaginative play, it’s important for parents to provide plenty of stimulating experiences. One of the best places to do this is at the Children’s Museum of Phoenix.

Photo Credit: Steph Bauer ‏@momsfoodblog - "daddy and son"

Photo Credit: Steph Bauer ‏@momsfoodblog – “daddy and son” –

A Journey of Discovery

The innovative exhibits at this downtown Phoenix museum are whimsical, unique and thoroughly engaging. There are more than 300 hands-on activities for children to investigate. Each interactive space is designed to spark curiosity, which means boredom is simply not an option. You won’t see any directional signs throughout the museum, but you won’t have trouble deciding where to go. Just follow the giggles of your young companions.

Because there is so much to do and see at this wonderland of fun, your kids will want to dart from one point to the next. Every area feeds and inspires the imagination. Young thinkers can learn to use resourcefulness while constructing forts in Building Big, or they can draw from their special originality in the Art Studio. They can even connect a bit with the grown-up world in the mock market.

Action-packed Exploration

Part of what sets this museum apart from others of its kind is the harmony between physical play and mental stimulation. Children will simultaneously stretch their muscles and mind power. Whether they challenge themselves on the ceiling-high Climber, navigate through the mystifying Noodle Forest or recreate the wacky fabric world of Someplace, youngsters will be immersed in a universe of fantasy that overloads the senses.

The museum also offers more low-key activities when it’s time to take a breather. If your son or daughter seems to be losing energy but isn’t ready to leave, head over to the Book Loft where kids can cozy up in a comfortable nook with their favorite books. Another space perfect for winding down is Whoosh. Children can send brightly colored scarves through clear pipes and watch them shoot out from above and gradually float downward.

Infinite Adventures

Your escapades don’t have to stop at the exhibits. Throughout the year, there are plenty of events and special activities for kids of all ages to enjoy, including exciting baby and toddler programs. During the holiday season, the museum even hosts themed parties and balls. From storybook breakfasts to delightful musical performances, the calendar is filled with enjoyable experiences for the entire family.

The Children’s Museum of Phoenix is meticulously maintained, the staff is always eager to facilitate playtime and the exhibit spaces are captivating. Hours of operation are from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Tuesday through Sunday, and at just $11 a ticket, it’s an adventure you and your family can enjoy over and over. You truly cannot go wrong by giving the gift of learning, and taking your kids to this extraordinary museum may give you hero status indefinitely.

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