Martin Auto Museum: An Eclectic Tribute to the Beloved Automobile

showcase vintage collectible vehicles Scottsdale Museum

Photo Credit Martin Auto Museum

The Martin Auto Museum in North Phoenix is every auto buff’s dream. This thoughtfully designed showcase of rare, vintage and collectible vehicles provides a brief glimpse into the history of the automobile. Founded by Mel Martin in 2005, the museum houses more than 60 vehicles spanning approximately 100 years. If the idea of seeing immaculate, one-of-a-kind classics gets your motor running, this is the place for you.

Historical Representations

The five ultra-clean showrooms at the museum are filled with a wide range of automobiles and memorabilia from various points in history. Every item has been restored or preserved so carefully, it’s easy to get lost in time while exploring. The automotive timeline is clearly laid out, and as you view each vehicle, you can learn about its unique story.

Automobile Old Phoenix 2015

Photo Credit Martin Auto Museum

Legends and Oddities

The four-wheeled wonders on display aren’t your typical showpieces. Every vehicle is iconic. Whether it’s a pristine Corvette Indy 500 pace car, Carroll Shelby’s 1965 Cobra or a whimsical Duesenberg Speedster, each automobile has a special museum-worthy quality. If you’re really looking for something different, you’ll love the custom-made Oldsmobile and Cadillac mash-up.

Fun for Everyone

Adults aren’t the only ones who are awestruck by the museum’s marvels. Every showroom is a visual masterpiece that really appeals to children and teens. Your kids will adore the checkerboard floors, old-fashioned gasoline pumps, neon signs and genuine jukeboxes. There is also a sofa that looks like the rear end of a Cadillac and an authentic, fully functional carousel for kids to ride.

Educational Experiences

This museum focuses on the roles automobiles play in U.S. history, so expect to learn quite a bit. Tour guides are available to take you through each room, and they’re extremely knowledgeable and accommodating. Whatever questions you may have about the auto world, they’ll probably have the answers. Special events occur throughout the year as well, which just add to the learning experience.

Bold colors, sparkling chrome, distinctive body styles and the shiniest surfaces you’ll ever see fill the rooms of the Martin Auto Museum. The exhibits are open Thursday-Saturday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., and you just might need every available minute to explore the details of each display. With just a $5 donation and some spare time, you’ll be able to pass through the pages of the American automobile’s story.

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