The Rosson House Museum Captures the Beauty of the Victorian Era

Photo Credit: Wikipedia

Photo Credit: Wikipedia

Have you ever wondered what life was really like during the extravagant Victorian Era? You can find out by visiting the Rosson House Museum at the Heritage & Science Park of Phoenix. Located in the downtown area, this beautifully restored home provides a fascinating representation of Phoenix lifestyles in the late 1800s. The authenticity of the house and its furnishings is truly remarkable.

Peek Into the Past

As you approach the building, you’ll instantly feel its history coming to life. The sprawling porch, ornate embellishments, majestic turrets and classically earthy shades tell a tale of grandeur. Once inside, prepare to be amazed by 2,800 square feet of elegance. Every detail is so inspiring. You’ll see impressive woodwork, well-preserved antique furniture and a collection of period pieces that perfectly embody the splendor of that time.

Photo Credit: Wikipedia

Photo Credit: Wikipedia

Knowledgeable and amusing tour guides are available to lead you through the museum and share stories about the house, its past inhabitants and the surrounding areas. The original house was built in 1895 by Dr. Roland Lee Rosson, but the property has had many other owners throughout the years. You’ll learn about its colorful and quirky past while you explore each floor.

Plan a Family Fun Day

Because a Rosson House tour lasts just one hour, it’s a great place to spend some quality time with the kids. Be sure to pick up an activity backpack before your adventure. Each bag holds fun tools to make the experience even more exciting for little ones. Young inquisitive minds will love searching for clues and solving mysteries while learning about the history of early Phoenix.

Photo Credit: Wikipedia

Photo Credit: Wikipedia

Your children will also enjoy seeing the bizarre gadgets and devices of the late 19th century. Every room offers a great opportunity to discuss the evolution of technology to computer-savvy youth. After you and your group soak up enough knowledge, head outside to stroll around the square. There are other historical buildings to explore, and several great restaurants surround the museum.

Tours are offered Tuesday through Sunday, so you’ll have plenty of chances to visit this special museum. The Rosson House is an architectural wonder that seems to have been frozen in time. Although it’s a restoration, the craftsmanship really reflects the era. At just $7.50 per adult ticket and $4.00 for children, this is a completely stress-free, educational excursion you can enjoy with your entire family.

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