Pueblo Grande Museum is a Gateway to Prehistoric Times


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Arizona is known for its connection to Native American culture, and there are plenty of museums in the state that honor ancient tribes. One of the most special tributes is the Pueblo Grande Museum in Phoenix. The exhibits on this authentic archaeological site represent the history of the Hohokam tribe that once inhabited the Phoenix Valley. A large variety of indoor and outdoor displays tell captivating tales for adults and children to enjoy.

An Image of the Past

The museum is open Tuesday through Saturday all year and has extra hours Sundays and Mondays between October and April. It has three well-maintained indoor galleries that are easy to explore. At each exhibit, you can read about what you’re seeing, which really enhances the experience. As you view each showcase, you’ll learn about the Hohokam people and how they adapted to the environment.


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Once you’re satisfied with the indoor exhibits, step outside and walk the interpretive path. This trail is nearly one mile long, and it shows what a local ancient village would’ve looked like. You’ll see replicas of houses, archaeological digs and a thriving agricultural garden. The landscaping is sheer beauty; the walkway is surrounded by gorgeous native plants, including various types of desert cactuses.

An Enlightening Journey

The educational value of this museum is priceless because there are always new opportunities to learn. Staff members are super personable, and they provide insight on an assortment of subjects. Lectures regularly take place on the museum grounds as well. The topics continually change from month to month, and speakers cover everything from local foods to plant and animal preservation.

In addition to the lectures, the museum hosts rotating exhibits and special events. The changing exhibits offer additional information on Native American history in general. Some of the events you can attend include informative presentations, public auctions, potluck dinners and an Indian Market. Museum guides also lead hikes and discovery tours through the property and the surrounding areas. You can even take a behind-the-scenes museum tour and see artifacts that aren’t on public display.

A Fun and Safe Family Outing

Educating children outside the classroom isn’t always easy, but this museum does the work for you. There is a special interactive gallery designed just for kids, and it explains archaeology and Native American culture in straightforward, entertaining ways. Children can also sign up for the junior archaeologist program, which includes a simulated pit house excavation and hands-on artifact identification. Additionally, many of the special events held at the museum are geared toward young, inquisitive minds.

Ticket prices for the Pueblo Grand Museum are only $6 for adults and $3 for kids age 6-17, so you don’t have to destroy your wallet planning a family fun day. Every display connects you to the past in ways you won’t find at many other museums. The aesthetic of each exhibit, the thoughtfully replicated outdoor structures and the range of unique artifacts breathe life into a fascinating world.

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