Enjoy Oceans of Fun at SEA LIFE Arizona

Photo Credit EV Mom Guide Instagram Twitter www.instagram.com/evmomguide/ @EVMomGuide

Photo Credit: EV Mom Guide Instagram – Twitter – www.eastvalleymomguide.com

If you want to give your kids an unexpected treat, take them to SEA LIFE Arizona in Tempe. This fascinating aquarium was designed with kids in mind, but virtually anyone could appreciate the remarkable underwater displays. From the moment you enter the building, you’ll be transported into a strange but stunning marine world filled with everything from seahorses to sharks.

Tropical Undersea Discoveries

There is so much to discover during your journey through the immersive, 360-degree ocean tunnel at SEA LIFE. The enormous displays contain thousands of astonishing creatures from the deep, and you’ll get to encounter many up close. Little ones will stare in wonder at the white tip reef shark catching his prey, and they’ll certainly giggle at the cheery face of the cownose eagle ray.

Photo Credit: Alex Rae Smith ‏@Eekerz11

Photo Credit: Alex Rae Smith ‏@Eekerz11

Young kids may become so engaged with the weird and wonderful scenery, they’ll want to dive right in with the marine life. You can partially grant this wish by taking them to the interactive touch pool. Tiny fingers can touch live starfish or slipper lobster in this man-made rock pool. There is even a friendly crab that seems to enjoy being held.

Educational Experiences

Part of what makes SEA LIFE Arizona so incredible is the educational aspect. Special events promoting ocean conservation are held regularly. Staff members are also always eager to teach visitors about marine life and explain why each species is important or threatened. While you’re exploring, you’ll see a rescued green sea turtle, which accentuates the aquarium’s commitment to protecting the ocean’s creatures.

Photo Credit: Alison ‏@alisonpaigeee

Photo Credit: Alison ‏@alisonpaigeee

One popular experience at SEA LIFE is the sleepovers program. Groups can spend the night and snooze beneath the deep blue glow of the ocean tunnel. During the day, visitors will get a behind-the-scenes look at the aquarium and its inhabitants. You can also throw your child an epic birthday party underneath the waves. Birthday packages include treat bags and a party room.

Photo Credit sad mom ‏@MrsWhich128

Photo Credit: Sarah ‏@MrsWhich128

Photo Credit Amber ‏@TheAmbear

Photo Credit: Amber ‏@TheAmbear

Brian Dalton ‏@TheBrianDalton

Photo Credit: Brian Dalton ‏@TheBrianDalton

Photo Credit: Jason Levin ‏@levin_jason

Photo Credit: Jason Levin ‏@levin_jason

The ocean is full of mystery, and SEA LIFE Arizona gives a sneak peek into the bizarre world. If you stay at Best Western Plus Scottsdale Thunderbird Suites, you’ll only be a 30-minute ride away from the aquarium. Fall and winter hours are 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Saturday. It’s also open Sundays 11 a.m. to 6 p.m., so you’ll have plenty of chances to enjoy this deep-sea adventure with your family.

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