An Amusing New Way to Get Around Old Town Scottsdale

Photo Credit: ETukAZ Instagram

Photo Credit: ETukAZ Instagram

Visitors to Old Town Scottsdale have an exciting new way to see the sights: the tuk-tuk. If you have $2 and the desire to explore Scottsdale, E-TUK AZ was made for you. This innovative creation of Cyle Teal and Thomas Boone takes touring to a much more amusing level. Once you ride in one of these three-wheeled, electric vehicles, you’ll want to hire one for all your city travel needs.

A Unique Excursion 

Touring around Scottsdale is entertaining on its own, but how much more epic would it be if you were in a motorcycle limousine? Tuk-tuks seat six passengers comfortably, so you can gather a group of friends for an unforgettable night out, or you can just head out on your own. You’ll be taken anywhere in the downtown area, including the beautiful waterfront and the Entertainment District.

A Pleasant Touring Experience

Unlike many other vehicles for hire, tuk-tuks are truly comfortable. The seats are heated and soft, there is a protective cover in case of rain, and music plays from a surprisingly decent sound system. The drivers have personality, but they’re also extremely professional. Whether you’re going bar hopping or hitting up your favorite restaurant, you can do it in whimsical comfort.

A Safer Way to Enjoy Sightseeing

Tuk-tuks are approved by the United States Department of Transportation. This means they’re fully covered by insurance and have to meet specific standards of safety. They also are electrically powered, and they produce no emissions or loud, rumbling sounds. No matter how often you need to get around Scottsdale, you can rest assured you’ll be traveling in an environmentally friendly manner.

Exciting Business Opportunities

Tuk-tuk transportation isn’t limited to clubs and restaurants; businesses can also take advantage of them. Rent one for a corporate outing, or take a tuk-tuk to and from your next business meeting. They’re perfect for corporate events and outings as well. Many companies even use the advertising space on the vehicles to increast brand awareness.

E-TUK AZ electric vehicles are available for rent 7 days a week between 10 a.m. and 7 p.m. You can opt for an hour tour, or you can just take a quick 30-minute jaunt through Old Town. Whenever you need a ride, E-TUK AZ drivers will be there to make it the most fun and memorable experience possible.

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