Tovrea Castle is a Phoenix Landmark You Must See

Photo Credit: Sue McDaniel ‏@suemcdaniel6333

Photo Credit: Sue McDaniel ‏@suemcdaniel6333

If you have ever driven on Loop 202 in Phoenix, you’ve probably glimpsed the unusual tiered structure known as Tovrea Castle. Sitting on a hill in beautiful Carraro Heights, this unique property has a compelling history, and it’s now open for tours. Tovrea Castle is a Phoenix Point of Pride, so it’s worth checking out whether you’re a local or a visitor.

Peculiar Architecture

The castle’s form is curiously eye-catching. You’ll be instantly mesmerized by the majestic cupola and playful, three-tier design. The cream and jade color scheme and the stucco exterior add to the striking aesthetic. Architect Alessio Carraro originally planned to use the building as the focal point for a resort, and you can really sense the grandeur he had intended for his vision.

Photo credit: PFF Arizona ‏@PFFarizona

Photo credit: PFF Arizona ‏

Rich History

Shortly after construction was completed in 1930, Carraro’s property was sold to E.A. Tovrea and his wife, Della. In 1968, Della was assaulted in the home by burglars and died a couple months later. A bullet hole from the incident can still be seen in the kitchen. When you visit this historic landmark, tour guides will detail its colorful past, including the mystery behind its alleged haunting.

Stunning Surroundings

Part of the castle’s magnificence comes from the natural environment framing the property. As if standing guard, hundreds of regal saguaros form an attention-grabbing barrier around Tovrea Castle. There are also many other cactuses scattered throughout the garden area along with trails lined by white river rock. Dazzling water features intertwined with the gorgeous desert plant life create an unforgettable visual.

Photo Credit: Professional Photographer Monika Cheang ‏@MonikaCheang

Photo Credit: Professional Photographer Monika Cheang ‏@MonikaCheang

Undeniable Mystique

There is no denying the mysterious aura of this property. The chapters in its history combined with its odd silhouette make it seem like something out of a fairy tale. If you’re lucky enough to view the castle at night, you’ll be even more enthralled. Approximately 1,000 incandescent lights are draped across the tiers to enhance the quaint wedding cake appearance.

Photo Credit: Chris English

Photo Credit: Chris English

Admission to Tovrea Castle is $15, and tour times vary month to month. During your tour, you’ll be able to view the basement, main floor and 44-acre property, so be sure to bring your camera. If you’re staying at our hotel, you’ll be just 20 minutes from the castle grounds, which makes it easy to plan a spur-of-the-moment trip and experience this imposing Phoenix landmark up close.


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