See Old Town Scottsdale From the Comfort of an Old-Fashioned Carriage

Walking around downtown Scottsdale is a great way to pass the time, but riding in a quaint horse-drawn carriage is even better. The Scottsdale Horse and Carriage and Stagecoach Company can make it happen, and you won’t need to destroy your wallet in the process. The company offers a variety of fun and reasonably priced narrated tours through the historic Old Town area.

Stagecoach scottsdale 1970

View Historical Sites

What could be more enjoyable than sitting comfortably in a private carriage while sightseeing in one of the country’s most intriguing towns? You can choose a 15-minute tour of Old Town or 35-minute tour of Old Town and the Art Walk and Waterfront Districts. There is also a longer tour providing a bigger picture of the historic area, including great views of majestic Camelback Mountain as well as the glamorous Valley Ho Resort.

Unless you reserve a carriage in advance, rides are provided on a first come, first served basis. However, there are also wagons and sleighs to choose from, so you’ll likely get lucky. There is even a genuine stagecoach to carry you back through history. A professional tour guide adds to the authenticity through storytelling and detailing the history of Scottsdale.

Make Your Events Special 

V.I.P. group tours are available for all occasions, from children’s parties to corporate events and weddings. Transportation to the event is provided, and you can choose which gorgeous horses will lead the way. The horses and vehicles will be decorated to fit your theme, so if you’re planning a children’s birthday party, expect the little attendees to marvel at the princess-style carriage.


The company offers private, romantic tours for couples as well. A professional photography package is available if you want to capture the moment. Celebrate an anniversary, plan a proposal or enjoy a wine tasting adventure during the hour-long ride through the beautiful desert town. The vehicles are illuminated after dark, which just adds to the magic, and special holiday tours create an even more dreamlike atmosphere.

With tour prices starting at just $40, the Scottsdale Horse and Carriage and Stagecoach Company provides an affordable way to see Old Town and the desert landscape. Rides are typically offered from 12-9 p.m., but the days of operation vary throughout the year. When you’re ready to try something new, unique and delightful, head to Main Street; you certainly won’t be disappointed.

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