Summer Is Coming: How Will You Stay Cool?

Summertime is approaching quickly, and along with it comes those hot, sun-drenched days. To stay cool this summer, gather the kids and head to Big Surf Waterpark in Tempe. This cleverly designed park offers fun and excitement for the entire family. Because it’s not too immense, you’ll easily be able to keep track of your little ones and let older teens roam free.

Photo Credit: Big Surf Waterpark

Photo Credit: Big Surf Waterpark

Ride the Waves

The Waikiki Beach wave pool is the gem of Big Surf. Rent a board and glide across huge, churning, cyan colored waves. You’ll have plenty of room to enjoy a party wave in the 2.5 million gallons of water. Soaring high above the pool is the Mauna Kea zip line. If zooming across 300 feet of open air gets your blood pumping, this attraction is for you.

Brave the Water-Filled Tunnels

Wild waterslides are staples at water theme parks, and Big Surf has two that are strictly for the courageous. The trio of cyclone-shaped Hurricane Slides will launch you to the bottom before you even realize you’re screaming. For an even bigger thrill, face the fully enclosed Black Hole, a twisty tube slide that plunges you into wet darkness.

Photo Credit: Big Surf Waterpark

Photo Credit: Big Surf Waterpark

Have a Splash Race

Several of the waterslides are perfectly designed for racing. The Tornado and Tahitian Twisters are body slides that flip and dip in crazy ways. If you prefer riding a tube, there are a couple options. The snakelike tube slides have just enough power to blast you into the catch pools at the bottom, where you can determine the waterlogged winner.

Relax in the Kid Zone

The greatest aspect of Big Surf is that it caters to kids of all maturity levels. If you have toddlers or timid children, let them loose in Captain Cook’s Landing. They’ll love the squirting water features, child-size rafts and climbable sea creatures. In Bora Bora Bay, there is a collection of climbing features and small, colorful slides dipping into the crystal-clear water.

Photo Credit: Big Surf Waterpark

Photo Credit: Big Surf Waterpark

Whether you spend your day lounging or splashing through each attraction, you’ll leave feeling completely refreshed. The prices are reasonable, the food offerings are delicious and the staff is friendly and professional. Big Surf isn’t far from our Scottsdale hotel, so visitors can plan an afternoon excursion. The park opens May 7, which means you’re just weeks away from an unforgettable wet and wild adventure.

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