Now Is The Time To See Cactus Blooming Around Scottsdale

As spring arrives in Scottsdale, desert flowers adorn the landscape. Purple lupine and brittlebush cover the ground in purple and yellow, and bright orange desert poppies are scattered everywhere. However, nothing compares the beauty of the saguaro blossom. It is only found on the tall and iconic-looking saguaro cactus, which is native to Arizona’s Sonoran Desert. The saguaro blossom’s petals are pure white, and it has a bright yellow center.

What Makes The Saguaro Blossom Special

These flowers bloom between May and June. A single saguaro cactus may have hundreds of blossoms. The blossoms only open at night, and they usually open on different nights. Once the blossom opens and reveals the bright white flower, it closes the next day. Perhaps the mysterious night-blooming ritual of the saguaro blossom makes it so intriguing, or perhaps the flower’s waxy appearance that makes it look perfect is why people are drawn to it. The rich and sweet aroma of these blossoms also draws people to them.

Cactus Blooming 2016
Although it has a fleeting lifespan, this rare flower is Arizona’s state flower and has been since the 1930s. If you have seen them before or are planning to see the saguaro blossoms for the first time, the view of these flowers adoring large cacti against a star-filled desert sky is nothing short of amazing. Their vibrant white appearance is also beautiful in the morning when the rising sun paints the desert with purple, pink, red, orange and yellow hues.

Other Beautiful Cactus Flowers To See In Scottsdale

When you visit Scottsdale to see the lovely saguaro blossoms, be sure to watch the ground for blossoms on prickly pear cacti. If you look closely at them, the flowers are a deep darker yellow in the center and a very bright yellow on the edges. There are also several other varieties of cacti with colorful flowers ranging from light pink to dark fuchsia. The wonder of seeing such delicate beauty surviving in a harsh climate makes these flowers even more amazing.


Photo Credit Birds Nest Baking Co ‏@BirdsNestBaking

Cactus flowers seen in the Desert around SedonaPhoto Credit Robert Luijten ‏@Gateway4you

First Bloom SedonaPhoto Credit Chris Panopio  ⚓ ‏@chris_panopio


Photo Credit Gary Stanley ‏@GaryRStanley


Photo Credit Guylaine ‏@Cdncactus

Rose du desert

Photo Credit John B. Holt ‏@jbc_holt

Night Colors

Photo Credit Tricia Viola ‏@TriciaViolaocotillo

Photo Credit Foster D. Coburn III ‏@fostercoburn

Orange bloom

Photo Credit Nat Prunet ‏@Nat_Prunet

mini cactus plants

Photo Credit Lisa Thomas ‏@K2293

Purple Cacti

Photo Credit kat england ‏@ItzkatKat

Sonoran Desert Bounty.jpg

Photo Credit 

A lone Saguaro in north Phoenix.jpg

Photo Credit HD Taylor ‏@shuttervita

Although photos do not fully capture the beauty of seeing cactus blossoms in person in Scottsdale, be sure to bring your camera whether you view them at night or during the day. Our hotel is located just a few miles from some of the best hiking trails where you can see these magnificent cactus blossoms and the breathtaking Sonoran Desert landscape.



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9 thoughts on “Now Is The Time To See Cactus Blooming Around Scottsdale

  1. Glad you decided to follow my blog. Love your cactus photos. It will be at least another month before any cactus bloom here. This is semi-arid country at about 3500-4000 ft. I happen to actually like the desert unlike some people. We have been having a lot of rain which I do not enjoy at all. I have a cousin who lives in Scottsdale and used to come out that way at least once a year but have not in a long time.

  2. Wonderful photos. I have old magazines called Arizona Highways, starting since 1966, yet today and it from there I have been admired Arizona flowers. Thank You for this lovely post.

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