Scottsdale’s Brazilian Day Celebrates the Freedom and Culture of Brazil

Scottsdale Brazilian Day 1960

This September, the Scottsdale Center for the Performing Arts is hosting the 7th annual Brazilian Day Festival. The fun-filled fair celebrates Brazil’s independence and highlights the vibrant culture and history of this South American country. Offering a wide range of indoor and outdoor activities, the all-day event is a unique, exciting and family-friendly experience you won’t want to miss.

Invigorating Musical Performances

From the moment you enter the festival, you’ll feel energized. Mesmerizing melodies seem to pour out of every corner as live bands and DJs present the most beautiful, genuine and traditional sounds of Brazil. Music is definitely at the heart of Brazil, so every note feels celebratory. Whether you’re strolling across the grounds or relaxing on a blanket, you’ll sense the story behind the songs.

Musical PerformancesCourtesy Photos: Brazilian Day Arizona Festival 

Lively Dance Presentations

If you want visual stimulation, check out the dance performances. You won’t believe your eyes as the extremely talented dancers shake, twist, turn and glide in the most complex sequences possible. The brightly colored costumes combined with quick tempos and dynamic stage designs create a dreamlike production. As the sun sets and the lights turn on, the atmosphere becomes even more electric.

Dance Scottsdale 2015Courtesy Photos: Brazilian Day Arizona Festival 

Thrilling Interactive Activities

Brazilian day is one big hands-on experience, so expect to be fully immersed in the excitement. You can take part in a variety of workshops and demonstrations. Learn how to dance the fast-paced samba, play a traditional percussion instrument, or practice the basics of capoeira: a martial art that combines acrobatics and dance. There are also plenty of engaging activities for kids of all ages.

Intoxicating Foods

You’ll quickly discover that cuisine is an important element in the culture of Brazil. As you explore the festival, let your nose be your guide to some of the most delectable foods you’ll ever taste. Each treat is just as delicious as the next, from the fried dough filled with chicken to the decadent chocolate truffles. Don’t forget to boost your experience with a refreshing Brazilian cocktail.

This yearly celebration provides a glimpse into the true spirit of Brazil’s people. Because of its authenticity, Brazilian Day is ideal for exposing children to other cultures, which makes it a wonderful family excursion. The merriment begins September 24 at 2 p.m. and ends at 10 p.m. Make sure you’re ready for this dazzling showcase of Brazilian artistry, music and food.

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