Stratum Laser Tag: Where an Adult Can Be a Kid

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Do you remember those summer days when a game of tag was everything? Nothing was more important than gathering all the neighborhood kids together for an afternoon of team building, plotting and endless laughter. You may not be able to dart through your neighbors’ backyards anymore, but you can still feel the joy of that nostalgic pastime at Stratum Laser Tag.

Battle in a Sci-Fi Universe

Stratum Laser Tag is unlike any other facility of its kind. Located in Mesa, Ariz., the indoor arena includes 18,000 square feet of neon-lit play space. As you duck, dive and snake your way around towers and across bridges, you’ll feel as if you’re part of an intergalactic war. Backlights, strobe lights, vivid outer-space graphics and a booming sound system create a wild, high-tech playground.

colored war games

Become a Master at Laser Combat

One of the greatest aspects of this arena is the no running rule. Every player has a fighting chance, from grandparents to kindergarteners. There are 15 levels ranging from 2-20 feet high, so you can plot your own assault while you evade attacks. If you’re timid about blasting the enemy with your infrared beam, you’ll also have plenty of hiding spaces.

children playing

Earn the Coolest Parent Award

Because 60 players can interact at once, each battle is essentially an action-packed party with lively tunes, flashing lights and exciting competition. Family bonding is simply out of this world at Stratum, so prepare to be the new hero in your child’s life. Whether you’re working together or competing for all the glory, you and your family will make lasting memories.

Family room

Host an Exhilarating Event

This is the perfect location for birthday bashes, team-building get-togethers, pre-wedding celebrations or any other event that calls for some excitement. You can even gather a group of friends for an amusing night out. Stratum supplies pizza and cake for birthday parties, and there is a cute diner on the property featuring the same cosmic theme.

If you want a break from the desert heat, put Stratum Laser Tag on your to-do list. It’s open daily during the summertime, and our hotel is approximately 30 minutes away, so out-of-towners can easily plan a day trip. A two-game ticket costs $17.99, and there are unlimited play options as well. If you want to let loose and just be a kid again, this is the place to visit.



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