Cool Down This Summer on a Paddle Board at Bartlett Lake Marina

stand-up paddle boarding scottsdale Arizona

Photo Credit Go Stand Up Paddle AZ

Staying cool is essential during the summer in Arizona. There are numerous ways to avoid the heat, but stand-up paddle boarding is at the top of the list. Because the sport has gained so much popularity, you’ll find schools and shops around the country that focus on stand-up surfing. One of the best is in Rio Verde’s Bartlett Lake Marina.

At Go Stand Up Paddle, you’ll enjoy a totally hassle-free paddle board experience. The company provides the boards, offers lessons, teaches on-board fitness classes and allows visitors to spend quality time on the tranquil water. If you’re hesitant about using a stand-up board, opt for a kayak. You can plan your entire adventure your way.

cool Summer Outdoor

Photo Credit Go Stand Up Paddle AZ

Although virtually anyone can stand-up paddle board, it’s a good idea for beginners to take a lesson before heading out solo. Private and group lessons are provided by a friendly, knowledgeable and certified instructor. Your teacher will be patient and accommodating to your skill level, which means you won’t be set free until you’re ready.

Once you’re comfortable enough to float around the lake, you’ll be exposed to a completely surreal setting. Clean, calm Bartlett Lake is nestled between large rock formations and cliffs with gorgeous plant life peeking through. The atmosphere is peaceful and serene. It’s truly a magnificent way to experience the Arizona desert, especially if you choose a full moon excursion.

Paddle boarding is offered Friday through Sunday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Rates start at just $35 for two hours. Although the lake is only 50 minutes from our hotel, our guests should book slots in advance. This experience is one you shouldn’t miss, whether you want to learn something new, see beautiful sights, improve your fitness or just make fond memories.

Learn how to ride a stand up paddle board



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