Don’t Miss Your Chance to Practice Yoga and Tai Chi in a Rainforest

rainforest Scottsdale Yoga Tai Chi 2016

If you need a reprieve from life’s pressures, grab your yoga pants and head to the Butterfly Wonderland in Scottsdale. This incredible conservatory will offer special yoga and tai chi classes throughout May and June. With its beautiful rainforest setting and direct connection to nature, there really is no better place to relax away the stress.


The hour-long classes will take place Tuesday evenings at 5:30, and a certified instructor teaches each session. The focus for these disciplines is connecting movement with steady breathing, so you’ll immediately feel at peace. Combined with the lovely tropical backdrop, the practice almost feels otherworldly. The natural surroundings provide a special kind of tranquility.

Butterfly Blue and Black

During the class, you’ll be shown a series of postures varying in difficulty. The instructor allows and encourages modifications, which means you can keep a steady flow from start to finish. This will ultimately produce better results. Different techniques will be covered, including breathing, stretching and meditating. Not only will you strengthen your body, you’ll strengthen your mind and soul.

Before class begins, you’ll be able to take a look around the conservatory. It’s a remarkably well-kept atrium, and the image of thousands of vibrant, fluttering wings is difficult to forget. Once you’ve felt the magic of this wonderland, you’ll be inspired to radiate positivity and develop your spirituality, which coincides with the philosophies of these Eastern disciplines.

The tai chi and yoga classes cost just $20 each, and they’re geared toward adults. If you want to bring your children along, consider having another adult show them the sights while you attend class. This unique experience is the ideal way to beat the outdoor desert heat while still remaining active and being able to witness the magnificence and splendor of nature.


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