Will You Be Part of the 46th Annual Fiesta Bowl Festivities?

Whether you’re a college football enthusiast or casual supporter of the game, you probably know the importance of the annual Fiesta Bowl. This popular Arizona event takes place in beautiful Glendale at the University of Phoenix Stadium, and it has been a fan favorite for more than 45 years. The Fiesta Bowl is undeniably an essential component of the college sport’s post-season universe.

Every year, the best college teams are rewarded for having a thriving and successful season. The prize for two lucky teams is a faceoff at the Fiesta Bowl, one of the most in-demand bowl games in the country. If you’re a bona fide face-painting, jersey-wearing, foam-finger-waving fan, this is the one game you need to experience. Immerse yourself in the excitement and reap the rewards of year-round dedication.

You can begin your Fiesta Bowl adventure with a wild and crazy tailgating party in the stadium parking lot. It’s the best way to let the energy build before the battle, but it’s also great for bonding with other fanatics. Once you’re seated inside, get ready for the most exhilarating matchup of the year. No matter where you sit, you’ll have an excellent view of the field.

The stadium is nicely maintained, and the seats are designed with comfort in mind. Even the concourses are roomy and clean. Fiesta Bowl staff members are friendly and helpful, which makes the experience even better. You’ll easily be able to find your way around the stadium as you search for the biggest, most fattening and most delectable concessions available.

Although it’s the star of the post-season celebration, the big game isn’t your only ticket to entertainment. There is also a Fiesta Bowl ArtWalk that takes place in Scottsdale a few days before the game. Downtown Phoenix hosts an annual pregame parade as well. Impressive floats, a Fiesta Bowl royal court, celebrated Grand Marshals and talented marching bands paint a mesmerizing picture in the streets.

The 46th annual Fiesta Bowl takes place Saturday, Dec. 31, but you’ll need to plan in advance. Our hotel is just minutes from the stadium, so make reservations now if you want to be guaranteed a room. While visiting, you can check out local Fiesta-related activities before the big day. There is plenty to do, and the game will be the icing on the college football cake.


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