Enjoy a Hot-Air Balloon Ride Over Scottsdale and Beyond


Strolling through the spectacular Sonoran Desert never gets old, but there is a more exhilarating way to view the terrain. Hot-air balloon companies are taking desert exploration to exciting heights, and both locals and tourists are discovering the joys of sky-high tours. If you’re ready for a completely new experience, this is one activity you won’t want to miss.

Hot Air balloon scottsdale Expeditions 1970

  Photo Credit Hot Air Expeditions in Phoenix

The Takeoff

When you step inside the basket of a hot-air balloon, you’ll realize you’re embarking on a unique journey. Flames rushing from the overhead burners will instantly awaken your sense of adventure. As the balloon lifts smoothly, you’ll feel the calmness that comes from floating on the wind. Since you’ll be riding over Scottsdale and the surrounding areas, you’ll witness dramatic views of desert landscape.

Aerogelic Ballooning Arizona

Photo Credit Aerogelic Ballooning Scottsdale Metro Area

When the balloon is near the ground, you’ll catch glimpses of wildlife that you may not be exposed to during desert hikes. Once you’re high enough, the vista stretches out all around. You’ll see how the imposing mountains hug the desert and the stately saguaro bring texture to the open land. Maze-like trails, vibrant foliage and oddly shaped, stone buttes create a picture-perfect scene.

The Landing

Depending on the weather, your ride will last approximately 60 to 90 minutes. The descent is as gentle as the ascent. Once on the ground, you may be treated to a champagne toast or complimentary meal in the desert. Can you think of a better way to commemorate this thrilling achievement? Being able to float hundreds of feet in the air is a remarkable gift and is worth celebrating.

sunset2016AZ desert cactus view

Photo Credit Phoenix hot air balloon rides


Photo Credit Apex Balloons

Several companies offer flights in and around Scottsdale, and each one has specific advantages. Hot Air Expeditions, Inc. provides sunrise flights all year, has various elevation options and includes a fine-dining experience. Rainbow Ryders offers sunset flights in the winter and daily sunrise flights. Arizona Balloon Safaris and Aerogelic are known for their impressive safety records. The company you select really depends on your personal needs.


Photo Credit Arizona Hot Air Balloons

A hot-air balloon ride is a story waiting to unfold. The views are inspiring, and the experience itself will nourish your inner adventurer. Whether you want to enjoy a romantic outing, celebrate a birthday or other special occasion, watch the sun color the expansive desert sky, or just test your bravery, this is one excursion you’ll be talking about for a long time.

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6 thoughts on “Enjoy a Hot-Air Balloon Ride Over Scottsdale and Beyond

  1. Hi! I can just imagine the beauty of the desert revealed during one of those trips you described.
    I was given a gift of a hot-air balloon ride excursion (90 minutes) near where I live in Canada for my 40th birthday. A most amazing experience! I enjoyed reading your article about hot-air balloon rides, and it brought back wonderful memories. And I just realized that my trip was 16 years ago! Hahaha!

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