Cool Down With a Flashlight Tour at the Desert Botanical Garden

The Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix is extremely captivating during the day, but once the night sky casts its shadows, the outdoor museum becomes downright mystifying. This may be why the garden hosts special flashlight tours each summer. These nocturnal strolls through the 50-acre property let guests experience the marvels of the desert while staying cool. If this sounds like your kind of adventure, all you need to get started is a flashlight and some curiosity.

flashlight tours PhoenixPhoto Credit: Adam Rodriguez / Desert Botanical Garden

In the garden, thousands of species create a unique story that you can see, hear and smell. When the stars begin twinkling, the story unfolds even more. Nature seems to rejoice as the slithering, hopping and flying creatures display entirely new behaviors. Night-blossoming plants spring to life; spiky saguaros seem to develop personalities; and creeping, crawling desert dwellers aren’t quite as shy or quiet. It’s a sensory overload you won’t believe.

Each garden flashlight tour leads to various discovery stations. A different desert element is highlighted at every station. Tour guides provide extra details, which really helps you connect to the desert world. You’ll learn how the animals and plants harmonize together while you watch bats swooshing above and listen to bullfrogs croaking their nightly tunes. These educational stations also give you the opportunity to safely view scorpions, tarantulas and snakes up close.

Garden flashlight tours are ideal for exposing children to the wondrous Sonoran Desert, but anyone can benefit from the experience. If you need a break from the steamy summer heat and want to learn something new, gather your family and head to the Botanical Desert Gardens any Thursday or Saturday evening between May 28 and Sept. 3. The garden inhabitants and the verdant landscape continuously change, so there is always a new story to enjoy and cherish.

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