Connect with the Past at Tempe History Museum

The city of Tempe has an interesting history that many residents and visitors overlook. This urban suburb’s diverse story can be explored in detail at the Tempe History Museum. In the museum are permanent and temporary exhibits containing artifacts, photos, artwork and archived documents that highlight the city’s past as well as its present and potential future.

When you enter the museum, you’ll really be entering the soul of Tempe. The main hall features various forms of media depicting the desert culture. Themed areas also showcase different aspects of this dynamic city. Are you fascinated by the delicate ecosystem of the Sonoran desert or by its early settlers and the harmony they created? If the evolution of community and landscape intrigues you, this museum is made for you.

The main galleries are just the beginning; there is still so much more to explore. You can watch educational videos, enjoy interactive exhibits, play family-friendly games or just wind down with a good book in the Learning Lounge. The museum’s archives also contain approximately 50,000 historic documents and photos that will answer any questions about Tempe’s development.

The changing gallery space at the history museum keeps things fresh. The current exhibit is Legend City, which runs until the beginning of October. Legend City was a popular theme park in Tempe that was demolished more than 30 years ago. Its memory has been kept alive within the walls of the museum, and its story is represented by the photographs and memorabilia on display.

To enhance your visit, head to the museum on the 3rd Thursday of the month between October and May. The free monthly event combines talented performers, history lessons, delicious coffee and decadent desserts. You may also be interested in the Performances at the Museum series that takes place from September to May. On the roster are children’s plays, cultural group performances and classical music concerts.

Museum hours are Tuesday through Saturday 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Sunday 1-5 p.m., so you’ll have time to check out the local restaurants. Culvers is a great place to grab a burger and creamy frozen yogurt. You may also like the authentic cuisine at Garcia’s Mexican Restaurant. Our hotel is 30 minutes away if you need a place to rest. With just a little planning, this can be the easiest outing you’ll ever experience.

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