Scottsdale Nightlife: Making the Most of Your After-Dark Escapades

Scottsdale is famous for its high-charged night scene, so if you plan to visit the desert town, save some energy for when the sun sets. As the cooler temperatures of twilight commence, the downtown area begins sizzling. All points of interest are covered in the countless lounges, restaurants and dance clubs, so all you need is a starting point.

Goodwood Tavern

This dimly lit, wood-covered, peacefully inviting tavern is a cozy place to begin your nightly escapades. You can relax at a comfy indoor or outdoor booth, do some people watching and munch on delicious bar food while you plot your night.

Rogue Bar

If gritty dives are more your style, you may want to kick off the evening at Rogue Bar. Although the décor is reminiscent of a modest 1950s diner, the vibe is all hipster. While you sip on ridiculously inexpensive drinks, you can groove to local and indie bands.

Wasted Grain

A fun night out is redefined at this extremely laid-back venue, which is actually part restaurant and part nightclub. On the main floor, grab a mouthwatering burger or enjoy some table-side s’mores before heading upstairs. Once you enter the club, you’ll be exposed to some of the best live music in Old Town.

The Beverly on Main

Some people prefer a bit of sophistication with their nights on the town. The Beverly is a chic cocktail lounge complete with a dramatic, vintage feel. Rich wood tones, gold lighting and library-style leather sofas perfectly complement a well-crafted cocktail menu.


If you want to stick with the upscale theme, consider spending part of your evening at this world wine bar. You can enjoy internationally inspired small-plate dining while tasting some of the most decadent and tantalizing wines in the world. The old-world décor is comfortable and plush, and the entertainment is always on point.

Maya Day and Night Club

This Las Vegas style club has both indoor and outdoor accommodations, and it’s spectacular. From the moment you step into the high-end venue, you’ll feel as if you’re in an illusion. The neon lighting, celebrated DJs and dance-party vibe create a mega-exciting atmosphere.

If you are a less energetic night owl and decide you need a break from the action, you can always book a moonlit desert tour or stroll the galleries on Main Street during the Thursday night ArtWalk event. Our hotel is within walking distance of the downtown district, so we can help you select the best nighttime adventure for you and your companions. Whether you go with wild and crazy or serene and relaxing, your night will surely be unforgettable.

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