Bring Your Valentine to the Street Eats Food Truck Fest

Bring Your Valentine To Scottsdale Arizona 


The best dates include mouthwatering, delectable food, and a Valentine’s date is no exception. If you and your Valentine want to share a memorable, romantic day that is loaded with goodies, head to the Street Eats Food Truck Fest at the Salt River Fields stadium in Scottsdale. This event takes place Feb. 11 and 12 from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m., and it’s basically an homage to foods of all kinds.

Delectable Dining

The festival is an impressive collection of more than 50 food trucks, each selling a wide range of meals, snacks and drinks. You can use a credit card or cash to purchase anything from grilled cheese to lobster rolls. Each truck offers $2 sample items from their menus, which means you can spend the day testing all your favorites without having to completely empty your wallet.

festivalFun Cooking Classes

In addition to eating your way through the festival, you can learn to prepare your own delicious dishes. Free cooking demonstrations and lessons are presented throughout the 2-day event. Top local chefs will be available to answer questions and provide quick training in the culinary arts. You’ll learn to slice and dice, caramelize and glaze, and marinate and stew.

Belly-Busting Eating Contests

If you and your partner are up for the challenge, Street Eats hosts several eating contests. Depending on your preferences, you may end up stuffing your face with hot dogs, feeding chocolate-covered donuts to your mate, or diving face-first into messy, creamy pies. This is the perfect way to make some hilarious memories whether you’re on your first date or celebrating your 25th Valentine’s Day together.

screen-shot-2017-01-07-at-2-43-00-pmExciting Entertainment

No date would be complete without some form of entertainment. You’ll certainly have multiple options to choose from at this event. The highlight of the weekend will take place on the festival stages. Various bands perform throughout the day, and the genres vary enough to keep anyone entertained. There are also quirky street performers and a giant kid zone complete with bouncy houses, inflatable slides and fun rides.

Uncommon Markets

Also taking place at the stadium that weekend is the monthly bazaar called Uncommon Markets. This marketplace is unique and fresh, and it’s the furthest thing from ordinary. You’ll be able to browse a wide variety of goods from clothing to home décor. Keeping with the theme of the festival, there will also be a vast selection of tasty food items and distinctive drinks.

The Street Eats Food Truck Fest is ideal for celebrating Valentine’s Day with your loved ones. Trendy food trucks are everywhere, but the innovative smorgasbord you’ll find at this festival will be difficult to beat. Whether your mouth waters for something grilled, fried, salty, sweet, gourmet or simple, your taste buds will be satisfied. Anyone can plan a romantic dinner, but a truck-to-truck feast is as extraordinary as love itself. 

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