Carnival of Illusion: Become One with the Magic


Every year, the Carnival of Illusion heads to various locations in Arizona to mystify audiences. This mixture of magic and mystery is more than just the typical abracadabra routine; it’s a ticket to a mystical time machine. If you love magic and you enjoy the nostalgia of this centuries-old practice, you’ll surely be captivated by the talented duo performing their magical parlor show.

A Close-up Affair

What makes this event so unique is that it takes place in an extremely intimate setting. Audience members sit close to the illusionists, and many are invited to participate in the fun. The interactive element conjures a connection out of thin air, which makes the entire show engaging. The illusions and tricks have a charming old-world vibe, but the attention to detail is completely modern and fresh.

magic-rebornMagic Reborn

Another unusual aspect of Carnival of Illusion is the overall theme, which focuses on global adventures accentuated by enchanting magical effects. The performers carry the audience through history and around the world with intriguing storytelling and trickery. You’ll feel a childlike sense of awe and wonder as you watch inanimate objects come to life and ordinary items disappear and reappear before your eyes.

A Dazzling Stage Show

Although the theater is small, the show itself seems larger than life. Both entertainers wear cabaret-inspired costumes that are sleek, striking and extravagant. The stage itself seems to come straight from the old Vaudeville days. Even the humor has a hint of dreamy nostalgia. You won’t just see a series of lackluster tricks at this show; you’ll watch a glamorous and enthralling story unfold.

dazzling-stage-showTangible Associations

Magic is typically untouchable and impervious to the curious skeptics, but at this show it becomes a bit more tangible. After the performance and during intermissions, the audience is allowed to view many of the props used in the show. Emotional connection to the magic as well as to the conjurers is tied to the props, so it’s worth taking the time to check them out.

A Magical Meet-and-Greet

Once the show ends, you’ll be able to speak with cast members, get autographs and take photos. You may even have some questions answered, but don’t expect to learn any trade secrets. This extra bonus is a great way to top off an exciting night and wind down after having your mind blown. Shows run from February through May, but seats fill up fast, so consider purchasing your tickets early so that you don’t miss out.

Prepare to question your own senses and sensibilities during this astonishing, charming and mesmerizing adventure. You truly won’t believe what you see and don’t see. This is one night out that will leave you wondering and theorizing for quite awhile. From start to finish, you’ll be absolutely spellbound, and you may even walk away believing in a little hocus pocus.

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One thought on “Carnival of Illusion: Become One with the Magic

  1. Thank you for sharing the magic of Carnival of Illusion. We are proud to say that we are the longest running Arizona theater show and will soon be celebrating our 450th performance. WOW, we love our wonderful audiences!

    AND THEY SAID IT COULDN’T BE DONE “In 2009, our goal was to create a show that was unique to Arizona, to attract locals as well as snowbirds and tourists,” says owner Roland Sarlot. Now in its 8th Season, Carnival of Illusion runs select Fridays and Saturdays. Susan Eyed, partner and one of the few female magicians in the world added, “What started out as sharing our passion for magic, evolved into eight successful seasons; it’s been a fun whirlwind of wonder!”

    YEP, I’M UP FOR THE 450th CELEBRATION, TELL ME MORE! Grab your favorite friends and family then visit or (480) 359-SHOW for tickets and show times. Can’t make the celebration? The show performs in Phoenix, Mesa, Tempe and Tucson on select Saturdays. Schedule and availability for all four boutique theaters is available at

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