Scottsdale’s Native Trails Events Honor Native American Culture


The Native American culture is a significant and important part of Arizona’s history. Throughout the year, there are many events that honor Southwest tribes, but one of the most celebratory is Scottsdale’s Native Trails. Taking place on the beautiful grounds of the Civic Center Park, this open-air festival pays tribute to the traditions of Native Americans through music, art, dance and food.

An Exciting Cultural Adventure

Native Trails is an entertaining introduction to the history and principles of the Native American nations. More than 20 tribes of the Southwest and United States are represented at this event. Entrancing musical presentations and storytelling highlight the diversity of each tribe in a respectful and engaging way. If you attend, you can expect to see a visual tale unfold in dazzling bursts of color and sound.

All the stage performers wear gorgeous customary attire while playing some pretty interesting traditional musical instruments. Part of the entertainment also includes authentic dances that tell the story of the various tribal nations. The music and dance combination is so explosive and colorful, you’ll feel completely immersed in the narrative. It’s a great way to expand your understanding of these dynamic cultures.

An Interactive Journey

The infectious sounds may have you dancing in your seats, but you don’t have to remain seated at this event. During the round dance, audience members are encouraged to get up and move to the friendship-themed ritual. If you’d rather sit back and relax, you can still enjoy the mind-blowing hoop dances and multi-tribe pow-wow dancing. Numerous tribes gather together for this spiritual performance, including the Navajo, Choctaw and Apache.

Your participation in the event won’t stop at the dancing. After the performances, you can stroll through the miniature marketplace where artisans will be selling handcrafted specialty pieces such as jewelry, paintings, pottery and baskets. Top off your experience by relaxing on a blanket and enjoying a picnic lunch. You can also try some of the delicious native food offered at the event.

Native Trails is a free festival and takes place Jan. 12 through March 30 every Thursday and Saturday. The excitement begins at 12 p.m., but because it’s an outdoor attraction, you can actually make a day of it. This event is the perfect family adventure filled with education and entertainment. It’s also ideal for an afternoon date. Whether you attend with your significant other, family or friends, you’re sure to make some powerful memories.
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