If You Haven’t Seen the Singing Cowboy Around Scottsdale, You’re Missing Out

Western entertainment is widely available around Scottsdale, but some acts are just cooler than others. Topping the wow chart is Gary Sprague, Arizona’s singing cowboy. Every Saturday from November through April, you can find him and his faithful steed, Dusty, wandering around Old Town and entertaining the crowd. Sprague’s character is so authentic and believable; you’ll think you’ve time traveled to the Old West. http://thesingingcowboy.com 

The singing cowboy mimics old-time icons such as Roy Rogers and Gene Autry, but he also has his own unique qualities. While strumming his timeworn guitar and serenading onlookers, he sits casually on Dusty and trots around downtown Scottsdale like a mysterious rancher riding into town. In his repertoire, he has dozens of Western-style songs ranging from mellow and moody to lively and cheery.

If you’re lucky enough to get close to Sprague, you won’t just find him singing. Although his velvety, classic voice would be enough, he has a lot more to offer his fans. Throughout his performances, he tells jokes, shares anecdotes about the Wild West lifestyle, tells tall tales and even recites poetry. You may even catch him twirling his genuine, but unloaded, revolver around like a professional slinger.

Bring along your little ones, because they’ll thrill at the sight of that beautiful, chocolate-colored, gentle giant. Dusty is quite a showoff, and he really seems to love people and performing. He does tricks for his cowboy pal, including bowing, crossing his legs and fetching carrots. Be sure to bring a camera, because Sprague allows kids and adults to pet, hug and sit on his four-legged companion.

One of the most exciting things the singing cowboy does is lead Dusty through the doors of the Rusty Spur Saloon. Sprague’s performances take place from 1-4 p.m., and he enters the bar toward the end of his Old Town visit. It’s rather shocking to see a huge horse saunter into a saloon while its rider bursts into song. They even interrupt the entertainment in progress!

The singing cowboy’s show is free, but Dusty wears a pouch for donations. The duo also makes appearances at schools, private parties and corporate events. Sprague’s good-guy smile, natural talent and Western Americana flair combined with Dusty’s adorable charm make this the ultimate act. You just have to see these charismatic characters to fully understand how remarkable they are.

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