Indoor Skydiving Tunnel In Scottsdale

Make Your Dreams Come True at iFLY


Have you ever dreamed you could fly? Floating through the air like a human feather doesn’t have to only be part of your dream world. At iFLY, you can make your fantasy a reality. Located at the Scottsdale Pavilions at Talking Stick Resort, this indoor skydiving tunnel turns free-falling into a sport. Bodyflight is the latest trend in recreational activities, and it will truly blow you away.


What is the iFLY Experience?

Indoor skydiving is essentially a simulated free-fall inside a vertical wind tunnel. The tunnel is 14 feet wide, and the wind is controlled via electric motors. Wind speeds range from 70 to 150 mph. Once you enter the tunnel, you’ll float into the air and soar in place for approximately 60 seconds. The flight mimics an actual skydive, so it may seem like an eternity!


As you smoothly glide on what feels like an air pillow, you’ll get to experience the same sensations of a true free-fall. You won’t be connected to any harnesses, you won’t need a parachute, and jumping isn’t required. You simply get to enjoy the exhilaration of flying through the air like the world’s coolest superhero. This is a fun, unique and adventurous outing you can enjoy without taking any risks.

What Should You Expect?

When you arrive at iFLY, you’ll head to a viewing area so that you can watch other flights. A certified instructor will lead you to a classroom where you’ll learn how to position yourself and how to read any hand signals from the instructor. Once training ends, you’ll get into your flight gear and enter the chamber. Instructors spot guests throughout the entire flight, so it really is completely risk-free.


From instruction to flight, an iFLY session lasts nearly 2 hours. In addition to the training, your flight package includes gear rental and a personalized flight certificate. Going airborne without wires may seem precarious, but you’ll be trained and guided in an exceptionally safe and secure environment. Nearly anyone can participate as long as they’re healthy and at least 3 years old.

Why Should You Try Indoor Skydiving?

Bodyflight is rapidly growing as a leisure sport, which means it presents plenty of opportunities for socializing. During special training nights at iFLY, you can meet other flyers and make regular plans to hone your skills. You can also arrange epic date nights or family-fun outings. You’ll have some unforgettable experiences doing what you’ve only been able to dream about.

Flight prices vary, but a beginner’s package costs $69.95 and includes two flights for one person. The facility is easy to get to and is just 16 minutes from our hotel. Indoor free-falling is really something you have to experience to believe, so don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity. A simple, easily planned 2-hour excursion will give you the thrill of a lifetime. 

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