Scottsdale’s Mighty Mud Mania Lets You Get Majorly Messy

Grimy Fun for Everyone at the Mighty Mud Mania

For more than four decades, Chaparral Park has hosted a wonderfully dirty, family-friendly summertime event called Mighty Mud Mania. It’s essentially a mud bath, but it’s disguised in the form of obstacle courses designed for specific age groups. You and your entire family can join in on the wet and wild fun, or you can sit back and watch the foolishness ensue.

The Original Mud Obstacle Course

The original course is intended for children 7 to 12 years old, and it’s seriously amusing to watch. It begins with the preteens swinging from a grubby rope that drops into a 5-foot-deep mud pit. Hills, dips, tunnels and slides are scattered throughout the course. Prizes aren’t awarded after the muck-fest; it’s just all about the laughs.

Mighty Mud Mania. Photo Courtesy City of Scottsdale

Mini Mud Course

For kids age 4 to 6, there will be a smaller obstacle course. Little ones can still run, crawl and jump around in the mud, but brave and willing parents are allowed to enter the course as well. A makeshift town called Mudville will be set up for children 6 and under. It includes open-play pits and mud that’s shallow enough to walk through.

Extreme Obstacle Course

This challenging course is where grownups get to let loose. It’s designed for ages 13 and older, but plenty of adults jump in and get gritty. The 300-foot race includes seven obstacles to swim through, climb over and jump across. If you have a teenager, this is the perfect way to bond together and win some cool parent points at the same time.

Mud-Free Adventures

You don’t have to get slathered in wet, sticky mud at this event. There are many clean activities to enjoy. Your children might love just spending the day jumping and flipping on the inflatable structures or swooshing down water slides. While you sit back and watch all the excitement, you can munch on one of the delicious snacks provided by the local food vendors.

Mighty Mud Mania takes place June 10 from 7:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. It’s a free event, but adults participating in the Extreme Course must pay $10. If you’re just visiting the area, consider heading to Best Western Plus Scottsdale Thunderbird Suites after the event. You’ll have a nice place to unwind and freshen up before seeing the rest of beautiful Scottsdale.

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