Main Event: Indoor Entertainment for Those Hot Scottsdale Days

Beat the Scottsdale Heat with Bowling, Food and Fun

Summer in Arizona is the perfect time of year to enjoy indoor activities. You can escape the glaring desert sun while making lasting memories with family, friends and colleagues. One of the most amusing places to cool off is Main Event Entertainment in Tempe. This innovative bowling and recreation venue might just change the way you look at indoor entertainment.

A Stimulating Experience

What makes Main Event outshine other arenas of its kind is the way it stimulates the senses. Walking through the door is like entering party central. The ambient lighting creates a comfortable and friendly atmosphere while black lights instantly pump up the energy. The cutting-edge professional sound system, high-definition video screens and heart-thumping music just add to the excitement.

Hours of Entertainment

You cannot become bored at this cool facility. Once you’ve celebrated your spares and strikes, head to the billiards room to play a few rounds and unwind. Or you may choose to spend your time in the arcade where you can play video and interactive games to win exciting prizes. This is a kid-friendly center, so you can bring your entire family and not worry about keeping everyone happy.

Physical Challenges

Main Event also offers activities that will keep you physically active. There is a gravity rope course where you’ll sway from a zip line as you power across rope bridges, planks and narrow platforms. If you’d rather keep your feet planted on the ground, you might prefer the laser tag adventures. This foggy, glowing, multilevel virtual-reality zone is your chance to test your ninja skills and cat-like reflexes.

Delectable Food and Drinks

In addition to the entertainment, you’ll find a full sports bar filled with an impressive assortment of wine, beer and cocktails. Kick back for a few drinks and laughs before you conquer your next challenge. You can also sit down to a complete meal in the full-service restaurant. The menu is loaded with delicious bar snacks, grilled options and even street food.

Special Event Opportunities

Because there is so much to do at Main Event, it’s the ultimate destination for virtually any occasion. Gather your work peers for some unique team-building activities, host a girls or guys night out, plan your next date, or celebrate your child’s birthday at this amusement center. You can engage in friendly battles with only your own group, but this is also a great setting for making new friends.

Game prices vary at Main Event, and specials are offered throughout each month. The facility opens at 11 a.m. and remains open until midnight with extra hours on the weekends. If you’re only visiting Scottsdale, consider staying at Best Western Plus Scottsdale Thunderbird Suites, which is just few minutes from the venue. With our easy online booking, you can save some cash and spend it on fun games instead.

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One thought on “Main Event: Indoor Entertainment for Those Hot Scottsdale Days

  1. Great suggestions. This time of year can always be a little tricky to find things to keep everyone happy and active during the super hot months. This will keep everyone entertained and smiling. Thanks for sharing.

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