Scottsdale Date Nights Just Got More Batty

A Unique Summer Outing Near Scottsdale

Are you tired of the typical dinner and a movie date nights? Do you want to wow your partner with something pretty unusual? If you’re ready for next-level dating, you need to head to the Phoenix Bat Cave. Located near the Arizona Canal Trail in Paradise Valley, the cave is home to a huge colony of bats between May and October.

This bat cave is part of a flood control system, so during the day it’s nothing special. However, it becomes something pretty magical once the sun sets. Begin your evening by strolling along the canal for ¼ mile. Before reaching the viewing area, you can stop and enjoy a gorgeous vista of Camelback Mountain. This is just the opening act before the main event.

Once you reach the cave, you’ll be close to more than 10,000 bats, but you won’t even realize it. The fuzzy, flying, nocturnal creatures will eventually flutter from their resting places individually and in groups. You’ll see a couple different species, one of which mimics the flight of a butterfly. It’s amazing to see these vastly misunderstood mammals dancing in the night air.

It can take awhile for the bats to emerge, so some people bring picnic foods to enjoy while waiting. As the twilight comes, you’ll probably hear bats soaring through the air before you see any flapping wings. They make the coolest high-pitched pings as they dart around. This is what keeps them from bumping into any humans while they maneuver through their flights.

As the emergence begins and a cloud of bats floats above, prepare to be astounded. It’s pretty remarkable seeing thousands of furry critters zipping around in spirals searching for their insect dinners. They may even zoom right past your ears, which can be startling at first, but it’s something to laugh at once you know you’re not going to make contact.

A sunset picnic near a bat cave puts an interesting twist on the usual romantic evening. At Best Western Plus Scottsdale Thunderbird Suites, we encourage our guests to try the unusual because it makes for extraordinary memories. Since our property is less than few minutes from the bat cave, you can easily add it to your activity list. After all the batty excitement, you can relax in one of our cozy rooms.

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