A Scottsdale Tour with a Twist

Explore Arizona by Land and Sea

The Sonoran Desert area is an open-ended adventure just waiting to happen. The seemingly infinite landscape has subtle textures, colors and energies that are often overlooked during ordinary tours. This is why you need to choose a Land and Lake Combo with 360 Adventures for your next desert excursion.

An Unexpected Perspective

360 Adventures offers a combination land and sea tour that fuses together two pieces of the natural world. In one outing, you can enjoy a close-up look at the rugged yet rich desert terrain as well as a water’s-edge view of the surrounding mountain range. You’ll see and hear things on this tour that you could never imagine.

An Exhilarating Expedition

The ground tour takes place in a sturdy H1 Hummer and consists of a 1-hour, high-energy journey through the diverse Sonoran Desert and Tonto National Forest. Once you strap in, a professional guide will drive you deep into this breathtaking world. Surrounded by the impossibly high mountain peaks, you’ll be totally immersed in the living desert.

A Rejuvenating Getaway 

After the land exploration, you’ll take a 1.5-hour cruise aboard the quaint Desert Belle. While you float along the tranquil waters of Saguaro Lake, you’ll see panoramic vistas that are absolutely miraculous. Watch for mountain lions, bighorn sheep and other wildlife roaming along the cliffs that loom high above the water.

A Hidden Treasure

The Land and Lake Combo provides glimpses into what seems like a secret universe. The knowledgeable guides point out intriguing sights and sounds that most people would miss. Be sure to bring your camera so that you can capture those sky-high eagles’ nests, wild horses and vibrant cactuses rising out of the craggy ledges.

There is much more to the Arizona desert than a mountain backdrop and some cactus-covered landscape. Fascinating points of interest are everywhere; the more you shift your perspective, the more you’ll witness. A land and sea adventure will give you surprising points of view from start to finish, and it’s an experience you can enjoy over and over.

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