Don’t Miss the Arizona State Fair

The Largest Family-Friendly Festival in Arizona

Nothing says family fun like a festival, and it doesn’t get much grander than the Arizona State Fair in Phoenix. The event takes place at the McDowell Road fairgrounds Oct. 6-29 every Wednesday to Sunday and includes any attraction you could envision. It has everything from thrilling rides and exciting games to unique food and big-name entertainment.

The Midway

Start your adventure on the Midway where lots of the action happens. Many attractions are included with the $10 adult admission. As you mingle, gawk and stroll, you’ll witness a feast for your senses. The scent of deep-fried deliciousness tickles the nostrils; the sound of delighted screams electrify the air; and great, big, imposing structures toss, flip and jostle elated passengers.

You can test your bravado on the gravity defying rides or keep your feet on the ground and just enjoy some sideshow performances. You might even want to test your luck on the iconic games. Challenge your children to a water-gun war or free-throw contest as barkers lure you to the next activity.

The Competitions

No state fair would be complete without some friendly battles, and this one certainly doesn’t disappoint. It seems as if there is a competition at every turn. Cupcake decorating, chalk art, woodcarving and photography are just some of the contests you can check out. There are also monster truck races, livestock competitions and eating contests.

You can participate in the fun by entering one of those eating contests, or you may just want to test your stomach capacity by munching your way through the fair. You’ll find the wackiest and biggest concoctions, including a slice of deep fried pumpkin pie, a Nutella bacon pickle and a sriracha hot dog.

Your state fair experience may also consist of relaxing at one of the Coliseum music concerts, staring down an animatronic dragon or watching your little ones giggle at the softness of a wallaby’s fur. No matter how you choose to spend your day, the memories of the Arizona State Fair will stay with your forever.


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