Touring Scottsdale with Green Zebra Adventures

This Isn’t Your Typical Arizona Excursion

Desert tours are readily available in the Scottsdale area, but some just leave the competition in the dust. Green Zebra Adventures is one touring company that definitely stands out among all the rest. The specialized, military-level, off-road vehicles provided by Green Zebra are only the beginning.

Drive Your Own Tomcar

Part of what makes these tours so special is that you can operate your own off-road jeep. A tour guide will pick you up from your hotel and bring you to the starting point, but beyond that, the excitement is in your hands. You’ll first be given safety instructions, and then you’ll drive to a private trail in the Sonoran Desert.

Rev Up Your Adrenaline

Once you’re off-road, you’ll come across twists, turns, dips and climbs that will leave you and your passengers breathless. This is one of the most exhilarating ways to see and feel the textures of the magnificent desert terrain. Tomcars are designed for this type of exploration, so you won’t need to panic about safety.

Take in the Natural Beauty 

The Sonoran Desert is known for its natural splendor, and there are countless points of interest to appreciate. These drive-your-own-vehicle tours allow you to completely make the excursion your own. You can stop to drink in the majestic mountains in the distance, or you can pause for a quick selfie by a regal saguaro.

Learn About the Area

Although you’ll be in the driver’s seat, you’ll still have an expert guide with you to enhance your experience. At each focal point, your guide will discuss the geography, history and culture of Arizona. The narratives bring a nice balance to the heart-thumping exploration peppered in between stops.

Green Zebra tours last a couple hours, and they can be as dynamic or laid-back as you want, which means you can even bring younger riders along. Adult tickets to ride cost $149, and kids under 12 ride for $89. This desert adventure is truly unique and certainly unforgettable, and it’s worth every penny.

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