Let Family-Friendly Scottsdale Thunderbird Suites Take Your Next Vacation to Jurassic Levels

Thinking about taking a break from your daily routine to relax and recharge your senses in the abundant Arizona sunshine? Now is a great time to visit our recently updated Thunderbird Suites property that is located in the heart of North Scottsdale. Naturally, the area’s well-known boutique shops, restaurants, spas, art galleries and golf courses are of major interest to adults. However, we also wanted to highlight nearby attractions that would capture the imaginations of our younger patrons. Our hotel is just minutes away from the Phoenix Zoo, which recently debuted its fun, educational and entertaining Dinosaurs in the Desert exhibit. Here’s what you can expect to see during a tour of the attraction as well as what other families are saying about this new exhibit that just opened to the general public on October 6, 2017.

Dinosaur and Paleontology Tour

The Phoenix Zoo’s Dinosaurs in the Desert exhibit features animatronic replicas of 23 different types of dinosaurs. The dimensions of the robotic creatures are based on the limited fossil records for the extinct reptiles. Upon entrance, you will receive a field guide that describes the dinosaurs and points out fun facts about where they lived and what they ate. The self-guided tour begins as you encounter the life-like dinosaurs along a winding, desert trail. The dinosaurs move and greet guests with roaring sounds that you would imagine that they would make if you ever encountered them in their heyday.

Many local families have already experienced the dinosaur exhibit and have given the tour high marks. Children enjoyed interacting with the moving dinosaurs, and the young guests were delighted by surprises such as seeing baby dinosaurs and getting squirted with water by one of the huge beasts. Parents liked that children could learn about paleontology through a hands-on, fossil dig site that was located at the end of the tour.

Contact Us Today for Best Value Lodging Near the Phoenix Zoo

Besides our close proximity to the Phoenix Zoo and its exciting new dinosaur exhibit, we offer some of the best deals on lodging in the region. At Thunderbird Suites, our caring and attentive staff will get your vacation off to a good start with clean, comfortable rooms, upscale amenities and a delicious, free hot breakfast to fuel your adventures at the Phoenix Zoo. Call us today for the best prices on suites throughout the season.

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