Old Town Farmers’ Market Offers a Fresh Take on Fun in Scottsdale

If you’re like most of us, you really enjoy the flavors of locally grown fruits and vegetables that taste as if they were just picked from a well-nurtured garden. For a great variety of produce and other gourmet goodies, you likely end up visiting your local farmers’ market. While many of these markets around the country are shuttering their stalls in anticipation of winter’s fast approach, you’ll be happy to know that Scottsdale’s Old Town Farmers’ Market is just getting into full swing. Open every Saturday morning from October until the beginning of June, the Old Town Farmers’ Market is not your ordinary grocery shopping trip; it’s an event. Here are a few reasons for putting Old Town Farmers’ Market on the itinerary of your next Scottsdale vacation.

#1 Great Selection of Organic Produce and Artisanal Baked Goods

Local farms such as Blue Sky Farms and McClendon’s Select Organic Farms offer lovely produce items that range from ordinary to exotic. Many of the farmers attempt to give patrons the freshest fare by picking and refrigerating their goods just the day before displaying them on market stands. Delicious, hand-crafted breads and other baked goods are in ample supply there too.

#2 Numerous Food Stalls for Gourmet Brunch or Lunch Take Out

The aromas from vendor restaurants and food trucks will quickly grab your attention as you explore the different booths at the market. Selections such as biscuits and gravy at Southern Boy and pizza by Fabio On Fire serve as brunch or lunch options to fuel afternoon sightseeing around town.

#3 Unique Gift-Giving Items for Sale

Gift-giving for the person who has it all just got easier. The farmers’ market hosts vendors who sell one-of-a-kind gift items such as specialty jellies, jams, sauces, local honey and gourmet chocolates.

#4 Convenient, Affordable, Family-Friendly Fun

Local musicians often perform at the market, and artists display their work there. This coupled with lots of free samples and great food options equate to fun for the entire family. Most market vendors take both cash and credit cards, and some of them offer to ship purchased items to your home. There is some free parking near the market, but good spaces are quickly taken.

#5 Pet-Friendly Venue

Dogs are welcome at the Old Town Farmers’ Market, and wholesome doggy treats were known to be sold at the market during previous years.

The Old Town Farmers’ Market, which operates Saturdays between 8 am and 1pm, is located less than 10 miles south of our hotel. When you stay at Best Western Plus Scottsdale Thunderbird suites, you receive a warm, family-style welcome, comfortable rooms and loads of amenities that set a positive tone for shopping at the farmers’ market and exploring the rest of Old Town Scottsdale. Call us for the best lodging rates in town.

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